Fake It: Benefit Launches Their New Fake Up Hydrating Concealer

Last night I was invited to take a nosy at the brand spanking new product from Benefit, a concealer that hydrates, glides on, even has anti ageing properties....meet Fake Up!

The product launch consisted of us bloggers getting a wonderful product demonstration, our make up done, thoroughly spoiled.

A few of the bloggers, Claire from World of Kitsch and Bex from Bex's Fashion Tips waiting for things to start, armed with drinks of course.

Everyone got their make up done by Melissa from Benefit Debenhams (she's a brow genius) and Rebecca from Benefit Menary's Lisburn. Also is it just me or does the wood lattice in Ivory look like you're in a school gym? 

Look at this, what a thing of bliss, lots of lovely make up from Benefit.

When the event got under way Mark, Benefit's make up artist showed us all how to apply FakeUp. Applying it in 'magic v' sections, a la Kim Kardashian. Caoimhe was his gorgeous model, she does not need the help as she is beautiful but it did bounce light off her face and didn't cake at all under her eye.

Fake up comes in three shades, it glides on the the skin concealing, hiding dark circles, reflecting and diffusing light. Now lets have a look at the product.

Yes, yes I couldn't help myself I had to have a quick play with them before I even took the picture, hence why they aren't all box perfect. Three shades of light, medium and deep, the amazing guys at Benefit gave us all three shades to try out so we could highlight and contour with them, I'll get to that in a minute though.

What makes them different?

Well have a look at them, you have a concealer core surrounded by a hydration ring, or a 'hydration halo' as I like to call it, as it is pretty angelic on the skin. 'What's in the clear bit for goodness sake woman tell us!' I hear you shriek. Well girls in that little ring you'll find vitamin E for anti ageing and apple seed extract for heaps of moisture and to combat darkness. It also has a smoothing crease control ability which stops it sitting in any fine lines you have, or worse creating lines of its own. 

What about application?

Well you guys know how funny I am about a lot of product around the eyes. I feel the need to shout. 'your eye skin is delicate quit pulling at it!' I like this because you glide it on into a little magic V below your eye, it's smooth there's no pulling on the eye skin and you dab it in. Regardless of what you use folks be so careful with brushes and fingers on that skin.This isn't cakey though, thank goodness, that cakey under eye concealer look is a thing of the past as the moisturising ring keeps the skin really hydrated for six hours. Nothing worse than seeing concealer piled under someone's eyes. 

Is it just for the eyes?
It was designed for the eyes but actually you can use it as a highlighter, down the sides of the nose, on the skin and brow, you can even use the darker shades to contour the cheeks. With the hydrating ring you feel like you're being kind to your skin, it's also really light and smooth. It blends in so easily that you can't see it, which is exactly what you want.

What does it look like on?

Well let me show you!

Can you spot it? Any cakey concealer? Nope! I am also wearing one of the new Benefit World Famous Neutrals ceaseless creams, it's a lovely little shimmer from the nudes palette. 

My face first thing in the morning when I have just been out walking the dog before breakfast. This is about as tired as I get. No dark circles though. Thanks to the guys at Benefit as they also popped a Hello Flawless compact powder cover-up into my goodie bag to celebrate the first birthday of the product. I've swiped it quickly and lightly over my face to take away any shine. I'm not wearing any foundation in this picture just Fake Up and a light dusting of Hello Flawless. 

The vital information

Fake Up to covers and moisturises those dark circles. It'll brighten up your complexion, is gentle and hydrating to your skin, fabulous product. Anything that stops people pulling and hauling at their eye skin is very good with me. I don't really have any critique as it does exactly what it says, you do have to be careful with mascara on the lower lashes as it'll press of with the moisture of the Fake Up, I found a light sweep of very fine powder stopped that though.

So that's all from me for today folks.

Much Love As Always

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