I Will Conquer The Beast: 2013 Lipstick Challenges

I talk about this all the time on the blog, but I am not good with lipstick. My good friend and fellow blogger Sara from Belfast Beauty Love is a major lipstick aficionado and all round good egg. She frequently gets regaled with my 'look I'm wearing lipstick' tweets, like I'm five years old. Anyway I have made it my mission to conquer the lipstick beast this year. So far I'm not exactly doing amazingly but I am trying to put aside all my objections to wearing lipstick.

Non lipstick face!
But for those interested here's my objections:

1. When I wear lippie I'm constantly in a state of panic that it's on my teeth, that it's worn off, that it's gone wonky etc.

2. I feel like I have too much make up on. It's a tiny thing but I feel more 'made up' with it.

3. I have this thought in my head that it's really ageing, I think it's that granny with fuschia lipstick smeared over half the face thing.

What do you guys think?

Anyway today I gave it another crack, I grabbed my favourite dark 1920s red, it's 17 Supreme Shine in Rich. I whacked on my lipliner all over my lips like Sara told me to and off I went. I snapped some pictures when I came home, do you all love my teddy hoodie by the way?

Getting my face lipsticked

Do you like my brows by the way? I moved the arch.

Oh and because I couldn't resist showing my real feelings about wearing lipstick....

And that's how I feel about that.

Much love and lipstick


Chelsea Palmer said...

I think it looks nice. I used to be a lipgloss wearer & now I can't get enough of lipsticks! In the process of finding a nice pale pink lipstick but failing!! Chelsea x

Sara said...

I promise you just need to get used to it. Keep persisting!!


DawnieP said...

I've found an awful lot of pinks in MAC if that's any help to you Chelsea. I also love me a lip gloss. my favourite is Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection. KERPOW of glosses.

Sara, I have promised I will wear lippie tomorrow and I will. I just need to try and get over the fear....

Fernanda said...

I feel the same about the 'looking like I have too much make up on'! I found the solution to that is blotting the lipstick, it makes everything better! haha xx


Nic StrawberryBlonde said...

Ha I was gonna ask what lippie you were wearing in the first pic - you must have v pigmented lips. You really do suit the red, but if you're anti-lippie I'd stick to soft colours and glaze/lightly glossy finishes which are SO much easier to wear. I know exactly what you mean though - I adore lipstick and find red, fuchsia or any 'thick' textured colour takes energy & effort to wear. I almost always wear lighter ones. Maybe a Clinique Chubby style pencil would be a good option?

Nic x

Sixth Tractate said...

The red looks great on you! I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog and (if you like) following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? We also have a giveaway going on right now! xx

Blog: sixthtractate.blogspot.com

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DawnieP said...

I'm totally going to try that!

DawnieP said...

It's the too faced extreme lip injection!

MissGreenEyes said...

The too faced lip injection makes me BURN. Anyhoo, I like the lipstick on you, I think it really suits you and you definitely don't look too done up or in any way granny-like! I never bothered with lipstick because I used to smoke but have rediscovered it over the last year, I'm still completely afraid of red though.

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