Pretty In Pink: I Dive Into The World Of Extensions

I recently went back to my pinkness again, I fancied a bit of a change and decided it lay in a bottle of pink hair dye. I recently got sent some particularly lovely hair extensions by who are reported to be one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions hair care and beauty products. They were in a fabulous burgundy colour which matched my pink perfectly. So even though I have a few very light pink bits the overall plummy tone fit in with the colour.

I was really impressed at how well they blended into my hair. Even though I have them in I can't see the joins in the extensions which is a definite plus in my books. I used the 14inch extensions and cut them into my hair at the front so the length wouldn't be as noticeable.

I put a very low key little roll in the side of my hair to give it a little vintage look

They're made from human hair and they're so silky and soft I actually was a bit ashamed of my own rather brittle dry hair. I wish my hair was all lovely and soft but alas my very Irish very thick hair knows that's not to be.

Here's a side view of the extensions, you can see my hair as it has the ombre of the purple to pink and some of the extensions. To give you an idea, my hair is naturally just down to my shoulders so there's actually a lot of extensions in there.

Really liked these, they're here if you are looking for them, I didn't even manage to use them all. They even add a couple of non clipped bits so you can wrap them around pony tails or thread them into braids.

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