The 10 Best Beauty Tips I've Ever Been Given

So, I know a lot of the time on the blog I'm reviewing things, taking pictures and grumping about weddings but one of my favourite things to do is to share things I've learnt and things I like. So today I want to share the best beauty tips I've been given, by friends, magazines, experts and my own meandering experience.
So knowing me I'll probably forget half of them but I'll try and add them later if that happens.

1.Swap heavy foundation for a good concealer and primer. 

One of my favourite tips because it makes a world of difference. When we have any skin issues, pigmentation, blemishes, there's a tendency to pile on the foundation to cover it. The problem with that is you're blanketing all the rest of your skin in heavy make up as well. Stop. Buy yourself a lighter foundation and a great concealer, my current favourite is Benefit's Boing-Boing. I put on Benefit Porefessional then put on a light foundation if I want more coverage, add to that a concealer for any blemishes. Blend, highlight and done.

Not only does it do your skin good, but it also makes you look younger and fresher.

2.Get your morning routine into a 3-2-1 ratio.

I learned this one a long time ago from one of those American infomercials and never forgot it. It works a treat too. The 3-2-1 is moisturiser, primer and foundation and the ratios that you use. The person was talking about the pumps of make up and moisturiser that they had, so 3 pumps of moisturiser, 2 pumps of primer and 1 pump of foundation. The principle being spend more time on feeding your skin and preparing it and use less foundation.
I've always kept it in my mind, although I've found I use much less primer than that because I use Porefessional and you don't need much. It makes you look really lovely and fresh and puts you in good stead  for great future skin.

3.Invest in good brushes.

You wouldn't fix a tv with a hammer, although I once did try and fix a washing machine with a set of screwdrivers from a Christmas cracker. The point though is if you don't have the right tools it doesn't matter how great the product is. Without the proper way to apply it, it doesn't matter how expensive your foundation is, it won't look as good as it could. With a great set of brushes you can make even the most bargain make up look great. It's all about blending, buffing and application. Good make up brushes will last for years. I have natural and synthetic brushes mostly I use natural, I tend to avoid sable as it's taken from the fur trade. Mine are goat hair, even though PETA have an issue with the speed of goat shearing I think it's the middle ground.You can also get great eco brushes which are synthetic.Cheap brushes are just that, cheap. You get hairs coming out on your face, make up sticks all over them they're not worth the hassle. Buy yourself a decent set, they don't have to be that pricey they're an investment.

4. Wash your tools regularly.

Even I'm guilty of not washing my brushes a lot. The best application for foundation I've found is with a clean brush just dipped in the foundation, building it up. For this you need to be washing your brushes regularly. Not washing them enough can fill them with all sorts of bacteria and even lead to blemishes. More to the point it makes application not as good as it could be. I try and wash mine at the end of the week when I know I have a day of not wearing make up coming up. I wash them with a gentle shampoo and bang them on the radiator, ok it's not ideal but I don't have the time to wait for them to just air dry. Wash your brushes, it'll do them good, keep them at their best and make sure your skin is great.

5. Dispense foundation onto the back of your hand, not straight onto the brush.

Are you all now AGOG? Wondering why you've been doing it wrong all these years. Fear not, you aren't alone. A tip I picked up from a make up artist when I was a teenager, one pump of foundation on the back of the hand, then dip your brush into it. Less is more, just dip the bristles in start at the nose and work out. The principle is to not use more than you need and not to engulf the skin, it also allows you to apply it much better. Try it with a clean foundation brush tonight and you'll see what I mean.

6. White vinegar stops your nails chipping.

You heard, you just soak the cotton pad in some white vinegar rub it on your bare nail then pick a nail polish colour. It should stop your nail polish chipping.

7. Be careful with your supplements.

I take lots of supplements and it never occurred to me that they would be doing me harm. I thought they'd just be secreted out by my body when it was done with them. This isn't the case. I recently was mulling over vitamin purchases in Boots and their pharmacist asked if I needed any help. I of course said yes, he analysed my purchases and declared I couldn't have the two I'd picked up as there was Vitamin E in both. I asked why so, and he said 'ADEK'. I of course said 'Pardon?' and he filled me in. ADEK is Vitamins A, D, E and K and they are all substances which get stored in the body rather than secreted. So they build up in the body and can damage the kidneys and liver. If you take supplements go and take a look at the back of the bottles, cut out any that have more than your RDA of any of the ADEK.

8.Don't spray perfume on your neck.

I used to work in a perfumery and the guru of the Estee Lauder perfume, make up and skincare that I worked with always told us, 'never spray perfume on your neck'. Her reasoning, during the day the sun hits your neck which is now covered in alcohol, as that is what perfume is and burn burn burn. You're putting alcohol on very delicate skin prone to ageing, of course you can ignore me if you want that's alright. I'm a fan of the spritz and walk through myself. Put it on your inner wrist, dab it on the BACK of your neck, I have a friend who swears by putting it on her shoulders, but just avoid your neck in the day time.


Put down the neon pens, I'm talking glowy highlighers. I swear discovering cream highlighter changed my life. I use it on my cheek bones, brows, nose everywhere I need to. It just opens and brightens your face. If you don't know how to use highlight powders or creams get online and look at some of the amazing tutorials. The Kardashians know how to highlight and contour, (should that be Kontour?) although I wish Kim didn't use quite so much around her eyes it sometimes looks like she's wearing a mask.

10. Potatoes will sort out puffy dark eyes.

The astringent and catalase property in potatoes will depuff your eyes and lighten dark circles. Peel a potato and wash it, cut yourself two slices, whack them under your eyes and leave them for 10-15 minutes.Then wash off any residue and you should be looking fabulous. Easy.

So that's my wisdom for the day, no doubt I'll think of more, and I'll end up doing another post.

Tell me what yours are.

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