We Love Lamp: Next Get Their Homewares Out

They have all of the best lamps

I got an absolutely lovely invitation to go and check out the new range at Next Home Store and have a good nosy, of course I said hell yes.

I've been super impressed with Next recently their retro inspired homewares are reaching cult status. The teacup lamp, the teapot lamp, currently the Rover lamp (also dubbed by me as Cone of Shame lamp) is practically sold out in most stores. Next are fast becoming the place I go when I want to buy something for my house.

I am lamp obsessed honestly, I don't have enough surfaces for all the lamps that I want. I'm a bit obsessed with the Moroccan inspired lamps they have, it's all very Rock the Kasbah. It makes me want to paint everything muted spice colours and pretend I'm in Casablanca.

I had to take a picture of the gorgeous blue Cornish style kitchen line, I love it, I genuinely need to redecorate my entire kitchen so that all of that can go with it. The really hard thing I think with seeing whole ranges of colour matched kitchenalia is that you want to throw out everything that you already have and replace it with all the lovely new bits. 
Oh Cornish blue retro kitchenware I will be coming back for you.

More lamps and a gorgeous sofa that is going on my 'list of things I like' I had to put the little house lamp in again. Is it not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?

Look at the amazing bathroom pieces, you guys know I love my vintage styling, erm hello of course you do you're on this website after all. I didn't realise they did kitchens, bathrooms full scale furniture. I spied the Victorian style bathroom pieces and just blissed out. I don't have anywhere to put it but I really wanted it, it reminded me of when you went to Victorian schools when you were in your final year of Primary School. They're the same units as you would see in the antique bathrooms. On a side note I spent my entire year 7 in Primary School dressed as a Victorian, did this happen at any of your schools too? 

How happy is that lovely 1960s inspired yellow glassware? I just love it, it makes me smile so much. I also have decided that when I get a proper garden, and I will some day, although bearing in mind I live in Ireland where it rains for most of the year that may be pointless, I will get that solar owl light.

Then the lovely folks from Next took us all off for some drinks and snacks to show us their new advertisement. I have to tell you it is very impressive, even though they showed us a behind the scenes video, I still don't know how they did it. 

The staff from Next and the team from Next Outreach were just lovely and so friendly and warm it was a genuine delight of an evening and I enjoyed myself so much.

Of course when I came home I put my new prized lamp on the mantlepiece, was there ever any doubt which one I would get?

Of course not!

Although I should point out I've since bought two bulbs for it and neither have fit, I may just bring it with me to the shop to get a bulb.

Much Love and Lamps

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