App Happy- My Favourite Beauty Apps For Smartphones

I'm obsessed with my iPhone it pretty much runs my life, tells me the weather, helps me talk to all my friends, networks, updates. I can't cope without it. So I'm always on the lookout for new apps and new ways in which they can help me. The lovely folks at asked me all about it so I want to share the ones I love.

Today I thought I'd share my two most recent favourites which are both free, maybe you guys and fellow beauty addicts will like them too!

First up Good Guide

Good Guide allows you to either barcode scan a product or search for any product that you're using to find out its rating.

You'll get a list of  products and their rating, they're even colour coded.

When you click into a product it'll give you a breakdown of it. Its health impact, impact on society and impact on the environment. It's great for people who are conscious of carcinogens, or those who are interested in the ethical stamp of brands. I like to search for the products I use every day on it, to find out how good they are, and if they aren't then swap them for another product.

It's definitely one for the beauty addict.

Second Up O.P.I

Another favourite is a free app by O.P.I you know it's going to be good. Want to try on nail colours to see how they sit with your skin tone before buying them? No problem! You get access to their whole range, so you can get loads of inspiration.

Then try them on and see how they work with your skin tone. You can adjust the skin tone to suit your colouring.

So what do you think, what are your favourite beauty apps? Can any of you recommend some brilliant ones for me?

Much Love

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