Candy Dreams: Yankee Pop Make My Candy Dreams A Reality

I love American Candy, actually I love any candy but the chance to explore foreign candy is something that I can't resist. The lovely folks from Yankee Pop asked me if I'd like to review their fabulous store and I of course said yes.

When I buy American candy I'm a little bit put off by the price as it is always astronomically expensive in the UK but I was really pleased that Yankee Pop do fabulous deals on theirs, it is much cheaper than any others I've shopped from

I tried out Nerds and Bottlecaps first, oh and also the Nerds Rope. I have to say I loved the Bottlecaps, they're soda flavoured sweets, grape, orange, root beer, cola. Very tasty. I remembered Nerds from when they were available here. Yum.

Oh the chocolate, Milk Duds, classic American candy, Snickers Almond and Take 5. I'd never tried a Take 5 before and let me tell you right now it was bloody lovely. Pretzels, peanuts, caramel, peanut butter. So yummy.

This was a yummy concoction! I will absolutely be buying this again!

So yummy guys, they have a huge range of things and I will be back to buy more from them as I have felt the need to have more Take 5's in my life!

So Good.

What's your favourite candy?

Much Love


char said...

I'm a bit hopeless at sweets and candy, I've never heard of any of these ones..

Vicky Jones said...

Love those take 5's I am addicted to cheeto's flamin hot, Reeces, and whoppers especially the reeces covered ones! Oh and peanut butter M and M's and the pretzel one. Gotta love American candy

silviabia said...

I'm completely addicted to skittles +.+

DawnieP said...

Oh red vines and take 5's are just the best!!!

DawnieP said...

Oooooo I've not tried any of them'! I so need to now!

DawnieP said...

Yum skittles!!!!!!

Sara said...

NOM! Oh Dawn I'm trying to be good! I love Hershey Kisses and Vanilla Coke and butterfingers.


DawnieP said...

Oh god aren't butterfingers just the business?

MissGreenEyes said...

I like Reese's a lot but after two cups I feel sick! I love Hershey's cookie bars, and used to love Wonka nerds, runts & dweebs. It's a wonder I've a tooth left in my head...

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