I Wear My Sunglasses At Night: Adventures In Eye Testing

Recently I've been a bit squinty. Take a moment to let that settle in and let me explain. I'm an avid smart phone user and I've spent most of the last ten years of my life in front of a book or in front a computer screen writing a thesis. My life has been filled with books strewn everywhere around my house and to be honest I have taken my eyesight for granted. I've never needed glasses and I've never worn them, when I have it's been purely fashion.
Some of my fashion frames, I love a big frame

Recently though I've noticed that when reading ebooks on my phone (bad habit) my eyes have gotten really tired after a couple of hours. Things like the constant refocusing when I'm going from screen to screen  are making my eyes really tired. Recently at a blogger event I was chatting to Avril from School Gate Style who said I should definitely go and get my eyes checked. I actually can't remember the last time I had an eye test, probably in school! I think I need to heed her advice.

I'm a bit unsure how I feel about having to wear glasses, sure glasses are very cool these days but I think it taps into my fear of ageing. It's the equivalent in my head of my eyes just giving up, crazy but true. I know I need to do it though especially as I have a proclivity for not increasing font size on PDF's on my phone and I'm making my poor eyes more tired.

My mother only started wearing glasses in her 50s but Mama Pants is pretty glamorous. She's very bright with her frames and is currently rocking bang on trend jade green. I don't feel so bad because I see how well she looks in them, and I have some very cool friends who look amazing in their glasses, so I really shouldn't worry. I still do though.

The question I have is what type of frames should I get, I mean I'm a big vintage lover do you guys think I could rock a 50s frame? I really should just see it as another excuse to accessorise shouldn't I and stop panicking.

Should I go for something like these?

Mama Pants has been making noises about laser eye surgery too, and I am actually looking forward to seeing how she gets on with it. I've been mulling over if I'd get it done, I'd be a bit scared about a laser coming at my eye but she's really blasé about it and likes the idea of not having to wear her glasses at all. It's tempting, and you can find them here if you fancy it, but have you got your eyes lasered? Would you consider it?

I think I'd like to see how she gets on because if it meant not having to wear glasses at all, I'd really consider it.

Do you love your glasses? Do you have any suggestions for frames for me?

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