Not Going Out: The Ultimate Inanity Girls Night In

I love going out, I love staying in. Between the months of October and December I do not go out on a Saturday night, it is our ritual. Strictly Come Dancing is on so we all get prepared, pink champagne, for Strictly, red wine for X Factor, lots of gossip, snacks and movies for afterwards.

I thought to myself, what makes the perfect night in? Is it staying in with your significant other, or is it staying in with the girls? For me staying in with the girls is the best fun at the weekends, my ultimate night in is simple, we spoil ourselves rotten! I was reading a survey of 2000 UK Women by Ladbrokes Bingo which said that apparently 70% of women prefer a girls night in to a night out, with a further 35% saying pampering is really important for a night in. I thought this was fascinating, what's making us prefer a night in to a night out? Is it the cost of going out, I know I don't go out as much because I end up spending far too much money. I wonder as well is it because supermarkets have started selling drinks at better prices we now can get the same drinks at a fraction of the price?

I thought that with so many of you all staying in I had to show you my ULTIMATE Girls Night In, the Inanity and the Girl way!

How To Have A Night In (The Inanity and the Girl Way)

1. Refreshments! 
Think cocktails, did you know that 100% agave Tequilla will stop you having any kind of hangover, so mix up some Margaritas for all of your girls and sip through a massive straw.

15oz Tequilla (100% Agave)
5oz Triple Sec (I use Cointreau)
10oz lime juice

Will make 10 servings

Shake it up, sugar the rim of your glass, add some lime and you're ready.

Personally I think that the recipe will do about 5-6 drinks rather than 10 but be aware of that and amend accordingly. I think cocktails are such a fabulous way of getting that decadent night out while staying in.With the no hangover tequilla you will feel fresh as a daisy the next day too!

2. Entertainment

Get those DVDs out. Think romantic comedies, they're a cliché for a reason, comedies, things that will keep your moods buoyant and keep you all laughing. Here are my picks from my collection!


Whip It

Sex and the City (not the second one it is awful)

The Sweetest Thing


3. Pampering

Having a night in with the girls is a great way to actually try out new make up colours and styles. Get your friends to give you a winged eyeliner look, is one of your friends amazing at contouring? Get them to show you how. Is another of your friends a wonderful nail artist, get your pinkies polished. I think getting together is a great way to all share your make up styles. You can all arrange to bring your favourite products and have a show and tell. Pamper!


Think snacks, think strawberry laces and white mice, popcorn and M&M's keep the bowls full and your spirits will be sky high along with the e numbers in your bodies!

It's one night a week though and you will be dancing it all off once you put the music on so don't get too worried about it. You should also think about ordering food, Chinese food or pizza are great choices.


Personally I love SingStar where you sing karaoke competitively in your own living room. I own the 90's version full of the songs I grew up with and myself and my friends all are very enthusiastic after a few drinks let me tell you. My version of Eternal Flame is painful after a couple of Margaritas, it doesn't deter me at all though. If you don't have Singstar put on your best of the 1990s and pick a Spice Girl that you will be channelling, I personally always go for Geri and then dance yourselves silly.

That is the recipe for my perfect Girls Night In, you get the girls around and have a brilliant time. What about you guys, what is your perfect night, are you out or in?

Much Love

*Survey information provided by Ladbrokes Bingo

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