Sixteen Candles: My New Obsession

I have a really dirty secret, a secret that 18 year old me would be disgusted by. It isn't the fact that I've just discovered fabric conditioner and it's changed my life (genuinely, I can't get enough of it) although she would be pretty disgusted by that. Rather it's my current obsession with scented candles. I think since we've been in decorating mode I've just been all about lovely flickery candles. I also think that because I have a dog I'm really worried that my house will smell 'doggy'. I know it doesn't but that doesn't stop me fretting.

Last week I discovered diffusers! Oh my word, I got one in a lovely Next goodie bag and I had to actually google a video on how to use it (no clue) it's currently in my hall just kicking our some beautiful smells. It's opened a door that I honestly cannot close, I actually don't want to, my house smells yummy.

My gingerbread candle found at
I recently surrendered my Yankee addiction when I was given a gingerbread cookie candle for Christmas last year and it made my house completely edible. Everyone that came into my house around Christmas commented on how lovely it smelled. Which I think for anyone is a really nice compliment, it makes me feel nice when people are soothed and contented in my house. I also maintain that lovely glowing candles are very comforting in a room, I don't have an open fire so for me they're like my miniature version.

Since I discovered that, I've been buying the little candle tins for presents and obviously for myself. The thing I find about scented candles and diffusers is I don't like anything very sweet or very floral, it gives me a serious headache, I know a lot of you are the same. My current favourites are lime, cardamom and ginger which is zingy but really spicy. It doesn't give me a headache but it is really fresh. My other favourite is one I use in the bedrooms (oooerrr) and that is the ylang ylang, bergamot and rose which is soft but really musky. It suits me and I think it is really lovely in a bedroom. Those are my favourites but I know my mum is a really big fan of the Thyme, Basil and Mint because it's really, really refreshing.

I will warn you though, it's the type of addiction that once you start it's pretty much impossible to stop, I recently saw their occasion service where you can personalise a candle, colour, messages, scents etc for gifts. Two of my friends have just had babies so I thought I might send them the baby themed candles with their birth dates and names on them. I just thought it might be a nice little present. I know with babies everyone buys you clothes and I'm sure they have heaps, so this might be a little different and something that they can replenish once the candle burns down.

Do you guys have any scented candle obsessions? I'm besotted but I don't think I'm the only one, do you have a favourite fragrance?

Much Love

You can check out the personalised candles at

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