Summer Brights: Sally Hansen, Rimmel and NYC Summer Party

I realised the other day when I was scrolling through my photos looking for a long forgotten swatch, that I had completely forgotten to tell you about this fabulous event! A while ago myself and some of the other Belfast bloggers were asked by lovely Fiona to come and have a look at the new Summer colours and products from Rimmel, Sally Hansen and NYC at Paddy McGurgan's Make Up Store on Royal Avenue. Of course we all said yes, I love a good poke around new products. As you can see from the picture above, the other girls do too.

The table was laid out with all the goodies for us to play with and try. I was very glad to see make up remover and wipes because I went straight for the Rimmel Apocalips and man they are bright. If you love bold colours they are right up your street, lovely. I got a bright pink one to try and it is pretty fierce. I haven't had the courage to wear it out yet!

I love the NYC Colour Wheel, I reviewed it a while ago and highly recommended it because the layering of the pink and nude tones creates a really natural cheek flush, it's also such a bargain! You'll also see my total favourite lip product at the moment, the NYC Appelicious Balms, I can't even tell you how much I love these at the minute. There are some shots of the colours below if you want to see them.

Foundation bliss, oh and my finger in the way. A photographer I am not. NYC Skin Matching is a great pick here, I reviewed it earlier in the year and loved how light and adapting the finish is, the Rimmel BB Cream is also worth a try if you see it, it's lovely and light but it has very impressive coverage which I know is something we all can't do without.

NYC Mousse is a great pick for those who like a medium matt coverage, it is a fabulously light velvet like finish but it really stays put. I don't normally wear heavier coverage but this is a great little mousse for those of you who like a mousse texture. I reviewed it and you can find it here.

The girls testing all of the make up. Nic from Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog, Bex from Welcome to FaeriWood, Gemma-Louise from That Belfast Girl, Sara from Belfast Beauty Love, T-J from Ginger Snaps Vintage  and Lesley from Lellie Moi it's a hard job but someone has to do it!

We were rewarded from our hard make up testing with chocolate chip cookies and scones. Yum!

These are my new favourite things, firstly my nails have been growing like nobody's business from the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Polish. You put it on under your polish or just by itself and it makes your nails grow. Voila. I noticed a real difference in the second week of using it. I seemed to be filing my nails more because they were growing lovely and quickly.

This polish! Sally Hansen Frutti Petutie, has been on my nails for about a month, when it chips eventually or it grows out from the cuticle I just lash another layer on and I adore it. It's a fabulous fruit bright orange with some pink undertones and it's so summery and just looks fantastic. It's on my toes at the minute for my sandals and I've had nothing but compliments on it. It's a real summer must have for me.

Ah my Applelicious balms, I've already reviewed these so if you want to read my thoughts and see swatches have a look at the post here. These are fabulous for summer, colour and light texture, they're a balm, they moiturise, they give you gentle colour. Grab these before they're out of the shops.

Much Love As Always

Enjoy the Sunshine

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