Summer Lovin' : I Address The Issue Of Swimsuits

Is anyone ever happy when it's swimsuit weather? Magazines blaring from news-stands filled with diets for bikini bodies, telling you what you should look like and what you shouldn't. Most of us would fall into that shouldn't category if we listened to what they told us. I don't think that's fair though, a good swimsuit can do absolute wonders. In fact I recently had a conversation on twitter with someone who used to love swimming but hadn't been in a long time and more to the point didn't want to go because they feared getting into a swimsuit in public. That's just no fun, I was in a similar position myself when I started swimming again but I went and bought myself a suit I loved and it helped immeasurably. Ok I didn't want to walk down the street in it but it held me in and pushed me up and I felt dare I say it, sexy!

A good swimsuit will do wonders, if you're like me and you have a slightly bigger bust and don't want to go floating out mid breast stroke (ahem) have a peek at my picks from Panache Swimwear.

A rather nice little tank that I'm buying with a plunge and some detailing, goes up to a G, hurrah! I like it because I can pull the tank down so it looks like a swimsuit or slide it up if I'm feeling a bit more daring.

I love this, awesome support and a bit of a push up. I love me some stripes.


My advice is go and try on some swimsuits and bikinis, even if you're ordering them and trying them on at home you HAVE to try on a few different types.
Bikinis are not the same as underwear, there's a different fit, a different fabric and you will usually be surprised at how darned good you look.
Swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis try them all on see what you feel the most fabulous in. Wear them around your house and enjoy how very liberating it is.
Jump up and down, bend over and shake vigorously. Do you fall out? Consider not buying that one for proper swimming.

Oh and one final thing, if you're still hedging on the sidelines panicking about what other people will think, STOP, it doesn't matter what other people think, it only matters what you think and if you're enjoying yourself swimming then that's the most important thing. Also, usually they're  focused on worrying about other people's opinions on them, it's a enormous waste of time and energy. Get out there, enjoy yourself and your body and rock your swimsuit.

You got this!

Much Love

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