Sunshine Through My Window: Spring Products And Sunglasses

Hello lovelies, it's a super short post from me today just to say hello. It's so busy with me at the minute, we're moving house, I'm trying to scale back everything, declutter and pack. It is so difficult! I didn't realise how much stuff we had. I am clearing out most of my wardrobe, I have so many things I've picked up from vintage stores or just things I haven't worn. I have to get rid of a lot! Bags, shoes, dresses, coats I am having a cull!

The charity shop will be pleased to see me with my many, many bags. I might pop a few limited editions or the nicer vintage pieces on the blog if anyone wanted a nosy.

So the sunshine came out and it gave me a chance to wear these sunglasses that I picked up last week from Primark, they're dark green and cost only £1 which by my reckoning is pretty ace if you're anything like me and break your sunglasses constantly.

Here's a brand new cream from Clarins that my mum picked up for me when she was in buying her usual Clarins products. She bought it as it is for radiance and glow, two things I'm completely obsessed with. Expect a review of this on the blog soon, I've only tried it today and it is gorgeous, it smells amazing and is non shine. Just divine.

I had to show you all this, how I blog, with my pug shadow stuck to my side, do you like her bow collar?

I had promised forever and ever ago to put a 'natural' photo of my riotous curls up and I realised I hadn't done it. Here's a little peek at them when I let them dry without straightening.

Finally, since I've been a bit of a gym bunny recently, my trainer Barry (I know right, me having a trainer) anyway Barry said I should up my Omega 3. So I've started taking these, as apparently they are the best. I will review them when I've been taking them for about three weeks. So if you're after an omega supplement do check back to see what I think of them.

So that's my mini post. How are you guys finding the sunshine, is it sunny with you?

Much Love


Sara said...

Love Mollie's bow, she's too cute.

Don't envy you at all moving house, though guess it will be worth it when all the work is done.
S xx

MissGreenEyes said...

Moving house is such a nuisance, it takes so long to clear things out! Hope you're not under too much pressure, good to hear from you on here regardless :) Love the sunglasses, I have to wear poxy prescription ones :(xx

Katrina Doran said...

Dawn - keep your bags of clothes for Pretty 'n' Pink's charity shop - they're REALLY appreciate it! xoxo

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