Vintage Picks: Polka Dots For Summer

Hello lovelies, 

Well today was gorgeous here, the sun was beating down on the pavement and I thought 'Hurrah summer is here at last.' No doubt by tomorrow the rain will be pelting us all again, but this is Ireland what do we really expect?

I wanted to show you my little outfit today, I'm currently packing up the entire house to move so I haven't had as much time to blog this month but I thought you guys might like this. I picked up this little dress from Asos Marketplace, it's vintage 1980s and I love it. I think it only cost me £15 and it totally feeds my obsession for all things polka dots.

This was my first time using ASOS marketplace, I hadn't strayed over there but in fact it's a pretty straightforward shopping experience I'd recommend it to you. I'm going to go back and see what other vintage pieces I can pick up...well I am once I move. I've just gone through my entire wardrobe, shoes, bags etc and took 4 huge bin bags out to be donated to charity, some of the dresses still have the tags on for goodness sake!

I also have lots that is going no further than the recycle bin, lots of cardies that are past their best. You know me girls I love a good cardie!

On the ASOS sight I also saw this and I knew I had to have it.

Bunting! Yip I think it cost £10 for the three necklaces I thought it was very pretty. There's lots of bunting necklaces on the high street now, I think Tatty Devine was the inspiration for most of them, this is metal and enamel rather than perspex but it's a lovely little piece and I love the other necklaces which come with it.

I must tell you next time about my current beauty neurosis and see if you guys have any of your own, but for now gang that's all from me. 

Have a wonderful bank holiday, I really hope you get to wear your sun-dresses!

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Much Love


MissGreenEyes said...

Ahhh that necklace is amazing! Gorgeous x

Mary Lou said...

oooh how absolutely gorgeous you look! i love the dress and that adorable necklace!

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