Kissable: In Conversation With Katie Price

Very few women divide opinion like her, but Katie Price has the forthright, ballsy attitude and determined nature that means she does what she pleases and doesn't care what anyone thinks. When I discovered I was going to be having a chat with her I wondered what she'd be like, would I get 'Pricey' the sharp tongued, single-minded, business woman or would it be Katie, mum of three, incurable romantic? Are they both one and the same?

Katie is promoting her brand new fragrance, Kissable. It's her fourth, the others have all flown off the shelves and I have no doubt that this will be the same. The perfume is released on National Kissing Day July 6th and this plays a large part in the bottle which is red, topped with a pair of lips, the box covered in red lipstick kisses.

When I sat down I asked Katie about the bottle, its a very retro kitsch design, pulling inspiration from the 1950s and 60s. The bottle is in a playful pink and it comes with a keyring the same shape as the bottle topper containing lip gloss.

'I wanted something a bit different' she said, 'like a two in one so you get the perfume and the lip gloss. I loved that cheeky, fun kitsch look. I love it, it's my favourite.' 

I asked her about this, she has four perfumes now, is picking her favourite perfume impossible, like a parent trying to pick their favourite child?
'It's really unusual' she started, 'I get sick to death normally of perfumes as I'm smelling them all the time. But this is my favourite, even before it was out I had all these stingy little sample bottles and I was just going through them, I really love it.' she laughed.

This was her favourite perfume out of all of her fragrances, I was interested in why, what was the inspiration behind this scent that had made it stand out for her? 'Before I worked with what I thought people would like but this time I was really selfish, and I just thought do you know what, perfume I go through like anything, I want a perfume that I thought I would wear all the time.' It seemed like Kissable is that scent for Katie and she doesn't just think it's a summer fragrance.

When I asked her about how she wears it and what time or season it would be suited to she had this to say.
'I wear it in the day and the night, I get addicted to smell, I love it and I can't stop spraying it. I'm one bundle of Kissable smell. If I like it I'll wear it. It's a very Katie smell, musky, pretty, floral.'

I wanted to chat about the inclusion of the lipgloss, it seemed like something that wasn't just co-incidence. Were we seeing the beginnings of the new branch of the Katie Price empire? So I decided to ask her, is she going to be bringing out a cosmetics line?   'I'm going to bring out a cosmetics range, I want to start out with nails though. I've just done a course and I'm a trained nail technician now, Shelac gel.' she said. I had't been aware of this, but she continued by saying,  'It's so expensive for young girls today, because you need the lamps to check it, so I'm going to bring out an affordable range for young girls. I'm good at my bright colours.' This sounded like something that would be a welcome addition as Katie is right, gel nails are an expensive occupation. I asked her when she thought it would be out?  'I don't know if I can get it out for Christmas, I don't want to rush anything'

She's very busy, and it sounds like she's only planning on getting busier, so I asked her if she feels the pressure with this perfume for it to match the successes of the others? 'I've got past the stage of worrying where it's going to be, I'm just grateful that I can bring it out and I'm glad that people want to smell it.' 

People will want to smell it, and they can, as Katie will be in Belfast and Bangor to meet her fans on July 5th and sign their perfume bottles. I asked if she had been to Belfast before on a signing. 'I don't come to Ireland that much, I don't know, I never know if anyone is going to turn up, if there are a lot of people I will stay until I've finished signing everyone, I don't want anyone to go away disappointed.' So if you're a big Katie Price fan and you're at the very back of the queue to meet her don't panic, as she plans on staying until she sees all of you!

In a final sentence I wanted her to give us a final word on Kissable, 'Katie wears Kissable.' she said 'It'll suit whatever mood you're in. Even if they're not fan of me, they'll love the scent.'

Thank you Katie 

Much Love As Always

Katie will sign 'Kissable' in the following stores on Friday 5th July:

Gordon's Chemists, Cornmarket. Belfast City Centre at 11:00am
Gordon's Chemists, Bloomfield Shopping Centre, Bangor at 3.30pm

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