Up and Away: Something Very Adorable

I was recently online and I spotted a little necklace that I knew I had to buy.

I saw the beads and the little house, and I hadn't seen anything like it elsewhere. Inspired by the film Up, this little necklace has a cluster of bead balloons and a house below. It's from Hear Hoofbeats Think Zeebras and I was so glad I bought it. I'm currently wearing it to death!

Isn't it so unusual? I love it, but then I love Up, that film had me in absolute pieces five minutes in! It's only a little post but I thought you guys might like it!

Much Love and Adventures


daisychain said...

that is adorable, I love quirky jewellery x

Sara said...

Very cute! I've never used etsy before but have a couple of items that are eyeing me haha

S xx

steve dave said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MissGreenEyes said...

It's so pretty, I love that film! Can I ask what mascara you have on? Your eyelashes look amazing.

DawnieP said...

I don't think I have any on there, I'm wearing extensions, hence the length. That's a really annoying answer isn't it? Sorry! My own lashes are short and dead straight!

DawnieP said...

I adore etsy! You need to know what you want though or you will be there for days!

DawnieP said...

Me too! It made me smile which is obv a big plus! X

schoolgatestyle said...

Aw...that is just THE cutest necklace and all the colours make it really easy to wear with anything. Nice find - have lost part of my morning on Etsy.... :) x

Mary Lou said...

gosh how absolutely cute is that necklace darling!
love and kiss,mary

TarynWalker said...

Hiya! Just letting you know this necklace is actually from KawaiiCandyCouture Jewellery on Etsy! The other shop you mentioned is actually a copycat, and has now successfully been shut down as a result but I definitely know from the photos that it is from this shop =]


Sorry for the random comment also! :D

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