Make Up Counters Beware

If I start this post by saying 'this isn't a real post' please take it in the spirit it was intended. I HAD to write this post because I was just appalled today at something and I wanted to tell you about it.

I was lurking around the nail polishes in Boots over my lunch break as is my want, I could absolutely spend hours there. When I was approached by a girl from the No.7 counter asking me if I wanted my skin matched. I thought fair enough lets do it. So off we went, she proceeded to take off all my make up! Not even a tiny patch, all of it but said she would reapply so that wasn't too bad.

I got skin matched and then she set about putting it on me. I wasn't paying a lot of attention but when it got around my eyes and nose I noticed a distinct whiff off the brush. It was the smell of a brush which had not been cleaned in quite some time. I've seen it happen to mine when I buy a new brush and the old one languishes in a drawer then when you take it out eventually it really pongs.

But, that's my brush, that goes on only my face. She's doing the make up of how many people with that same brush and obviously not cleaning it in between. It genuinely makes me gag, who knows what skin complaint, spots, even just sweat and dead skin cells it's gone over since it was last washed.

I can't wait to get home and cleanse my face. 

This is just a note but if you ever find yourself at a counter getting make up applied be aware of that. Also I think No7 employees aren't alone in this i'm sure there are other equally guilty counters. Their training needs to be better and hygiene must be prioritised when dealing with people's skin! Whether they apply with individual disposable sponges or something else I never want to see another dirty brush emerging from a drawer again!

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