Summer Skin: Super Facialist by Una Brennan Review

I'm sitting at my desk surrounded by everything I've been trying for the last couple of months, and what a couple of months they've been. Hello heat.

 If you're anything like me, your skin takes a pounding in the heat, never before are moisturisers and SPF more important, how many of you have stepped up your skincare because of it? How many have added the extra cleanse at night to rid your skin of the oily SPF residue. I know I am guilty of not doing it but one of the things I've been trying out to help my skin has been Super Facialist by Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream and Intense Moisture Mask

I'd been meaning to try Una Brennan for ages and this one has been going on my face for about 2 + months now. Una Brennan is much lauded as one of the best and most reasonably priced skincare lines around and I'm happy to say there's no mineral oil in it. Yuk.

Things that I Loved:

I loved the SPF 15 in the day cream I felt it on my skin and I felt protected. It's great to have a proper factor in your cream without having to over think it.

The day cream is an effective primer, it probably isn't going to do the same job as Benefit's Porefessional if you have a long day but it does give a lovely ease of sweep for a foundation.

The Intense Moisture Mask only needed to be used 1/2 times a week but the difference in plumpness was noticeable, especially when my skin was suffering badly with dehydration and sometimes it seems to shrivel from it. 5 minutes of the mask and it seemed to push out the skin and replump. Genuinely helpful for days when your skin needs TLC.

Both products are great for sensitive skin like mine, I had no breakouts, no redness or soreness.

I loved the feeling of hydration, my skin was really soft and it felt like it was getting a much needed drink. This is one of my go-to products in the morning.

Things I Didn't Like:

 I found the products a little too heavily perfumed for me. Not unbearably so and they do smell lovely, it's just most of the time my products have little to no scent.

One of the risks of SPF content can be that it has a slight greasy feel. The day cream went on easily and sank in well but I found if I was wearing it with no make up it felt a little greasy from the SPF. This wasn't a big deal as with make up it actually aided the spread.

Two fabulous products, I love Una Brennan anyway but these are great for the current epic heat, I'll definitely be rebuying.

Much Love

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