5 4 3 2 1: Three Mobile Feed My Pug Frenzy

Recently I've been a bit pug crazy. I say recently but we all know that for the last five years I've been a bit pug crazy! Mainly at the minute though there's so much pug stuff in the shops I have to buy absolutely everything I see, which I'm not even kidding is really time consuming. Then I have all the fabulous folk on Twitter who see pug things and tweet me a picture and their location (thank you) and obviously I have to go get it, or it would be rude!

Within two days last week I had this pug haul!

I know right?

The amazing folks at Three Mobile contacted me to say they had a pug in their new advertisement for their 3-2-1 Campaign and would I like a pug box. As if I genuinely needed to be asked!?

Have you seen the ad? The pug with the little knitted birthday cake hat, I die, there was actual screams in our house when it came on (we're pug folk, sad but true).

The guys at Three had a challenge for me, they wanted me to do my very own 3-2-1 for them. The task was:

3 of your favourite songs (hardest question ever)
2 Places in London you love or would love to visit
1 Picture of Molly

3 of my favourite songs.

 Such a hard question my favourites change based on mood and time of the day but I'll give you the ones I don't get tired of.

Firstly Solomon Burke- Cry to Me, I love this song! Any Dirty Dancing fans out there will know it well and they'll do the back dips the second it comes on!

Second is a song I heard for the first time when I was about 12 and I think at the time I thought it was the most amazing love song ever. I don't think it's the most amazing love song ever anymore but I do think it is a fabulous song. I'm eclectic!

Chris Issac- Wicked Game

Lastly is a recent one but I adore it, evocative, she's one of my favourite singers. 

Lana del Ray- Young and Beautiful, I think it's one of her best.

I could probably have gone on all day but I took those from the top of my head, that's what I'm loving today and at this moment.

2 Places in London I Love

I love London as a city, it's so vibrant and buzzing. Also I think they have an amazing transport system, I never feel as free as when I am in London jumping on and off the tube wherever I want.

One of my favourite places has to be Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub, just off Fleet Street. There's been a pub in that location since the 1500's and this one has affiliations with Mark Twain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was also apparently a brothel in the 1800's which gives it a lovely element of bawdy flavour. The pub has straw on the ground and seating disappears right down into the underground of London, a total tardis of a venue. Fabulous food and great selection of beers.

My second favourite place in London is an odd one, it's Southwark Underground Station. The reason for this is just that I love the architecture, and every time I come through it, it's always empty. I have this weird love of empty public spaces, they always feel so private when there's no-one there. I wrote a doctoral thesis on space so this shouldn't come as such a surprise. It also looks very space age which makes me like it all the more. I always feel like I'm in a Beckett play when I go through empty tube stations. This one has a place in my heart.

1 Photo of Molly

Well as if I ever need an excuse. I showed Molly the fabulous little Three pug I got with my Pug Box and she was very unimpressed with me. She did consent to sit beside it but as you can see from the outtakes two seconds later she knocked it over in a huff.

And two seconds later....

She's jealous of a piece of card...not that she's spoiled or anything.

So that's my 3-2-1, hope you guys had a bit of a dance to my music selections, feel free to give me your 3-2-1 down below, have you seen the ad, did you scream like me?

Much Love


Emma Henderson said...

Your site is looking amazing Dawn! Really interesting post too - that little Three pug is a cutie but can't hold a candle to Molly xo

DawnieP said...

Thank you so much Emma! It's an ongoing labour of love, trying to learn coding etc. I'm still useless but HTML colour codes are my new obsession !! Molly is sooooo jealous but it's awfully funny!

MissGreenEyes said...

Wicked Game is one of my favourites too, an amazing song. Molly is adorable, and I absolutely love your whole redesign, the blog looks stunning Dawn, fantastic job x

DawnieP said...

Awk thank you. I'm all blushing now! You know when you take a notion to change it and you just have to!
I'm glad someone else likes that song, I have to admit it totally gets me every time. I thought everyone world be laughing at my odd musical taste, it's such a hard question tho !

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