Birthday Boy: Present Mulling

Hello Lovlies,

Today will be an exercise in 'does himself read this blog?' answer, 'no' but that will not be to his benefit as today I'm talking prospective birthday presents for him.

Since we're perpetually on the hop at the minute between houses, honestly don't even start me on the house saga, but since all of our stuff is in storage, I never know what we need (I'm not even joking guys I have six dresses which aren't packed away, that's it!) It's his birthday at the start of September and I'm drawing a serious blank. He thinks he's easy to buy for and a lot of the time he is but as we are without house and in the middle of buying I can't really buy him anything for the house and I've been with him for six years I've already bought him a lot of the things he likes.

There's the typical DVD present, but he knows I hate buying DVDs for people, I just think they are the most impersonal presents and considering I've made him tables, built him prop replicas and other such nonsense I am not buying him a DVD. So the debate today is what to get him?

He likes Batman, but I think he needs clothes. He's only got a few bits and pieces which haven't been packed away and I thought the seasons are changing and he's going to need a coat soon, so that was my jumping off point.

I saw this and loved it. It's called the Nudie Jonny Leather Jacket, what a name right? It comes from Liquor Store Clothing I thought it would be a classic piece that he could keep and wear every year. I mean it was cool enough for James Dean and The Fonz, it should be cool enough for him! Also 'Eahhhhhhh' *with hands*.

My second idea for a birthday present is a piece of technology, I always think that's a pretty fail safe present for guys. The piece in question is Apple TV. I have heard him mention it, but I have to say I think I was tuned out while he was talking as I have no idea what it does, he seemed to like it though.
Does anyone know what it does?

It is very pretty though.

One of my last thoughts is a Mandolin, I know like Captain Corelli! Himself plays the banjo and apparently string wise the mandolin is the same, now personally I play the piano and that's it, all the re tuning of string instruments would hurt my head. I found this rather pretty one in a local store called Matchetts.

Thinking about it I'm just not sure though, he has two banjos and a ukulele, I have a piano and an acoustic guitar, do we need more musical instruments?

These are my current thoughts on the matter. Of course there is the matter of the cake, I make him a cake every year, but this year I'm not sure how I'm going to outdo my huge six tier Batman cake from last year!

What do you guys think?

Much Love

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