Happy Birthday To Me: Inanity Hits The Big 3-0

I could well be forgiven for wanting to crawl into a hole instead of hitting 30, but I did it anyway. I have not been looking forward to it at all. In fact I’ve been buying skincare products like they’ve been going out of fashion, scrutinising my face in the mirror looking for any sign at all of wrinkles and lines and notes from my collagen telling me ‘So long and thanks for all the creams.’ 30 to me felt like a bit of a death knell to my youth, I’d been in my twenties for so long the prospect of being a thirty-something made me feel nauseated.

My Skincare binge in the last 2 months
So as the day approached and my anxious facial checking and photo taking of my eye hollows was reaching epic OCD proportions a blinding flash of lethargy hit me. Lethargy like much in life can blindside you, and instead of proliferating my panic I remembered what Caroline Hirons said about Anti-Aging products, ‘aging is a privilege’ and I thought to myself, ‘she’s right.’ I genuinely couldn't be bothered worrying about it anymore. The effort required to meticulously paw at my face, the panic over the tiniest bit of dehydration on my skin. It is really dull being that focused on something. I know how weird it is as a beauty blogger, as we constantly have to take pictures of our faces, focusing on whether or not a product is working. It does tend to make you very aware of your flaws and somehow magnifies them. There does come a point where you have to put down the camera and just stop. It can be tempting to pile on the make up but you all know I’m a big believer of the less is more approach to foundation so I’ve been trying really hard not to go there.
My Birthday Tree

What it all boils down to is I should be grateful to still be here, other people haven’t been as fortunate, and when the day finally arrived, the sky didn’t fall in, my la-las didn’t suddenly flop to my knees, and I didn’t develop the bone density of a pensioner. Instead I watched the perseid meteor shower which happens every year on my birthday and is pretty wondrous. The point though is that nothing bad happened, although I wasn’t very well which really scuppered all himself’s wonderful plans for me. I spent much of my birthday in my pyjamas on the sofa trying not to be sick. I still got spoiled though!

The night before my parents, Himself and I all went out to my favourite Chinese restaurant The Water Margin in Coleraine, where we ate like kings and had a fabulous time beside the Bann, it was a really lovely way of getting me in the birthday spirit.

My face of the night, heavy on the pop of gold glitter from Urban Decay in the corner of the eye, just a little smoke from The Balm Nude Tude palette, base is a little bit of MAC satin finish. I keep being asked about that necklace, it's from Primark would you believe?

Our view from the restaurant

Himself looking adorable

Mama and papa pants perusing the menu
On the morning of my birthday my lovely Mr, bought me this stunning Alex Monroe, rose gold bumblebee, I’d been eyeing it for a while and I am happy to say that it is finally mine. I just adore it. Molly being the sneaky pup that she is bought me the biggest bouquet of my favourite stargazer lilies I have ever seen. It was so big they didn’t have enough of the cellophane wrap for it. It is a forest of lilies, and smells absolutely wonderful.

My rose gold bumblebee

a forest of lilies
Bumblebee in situ

My attempt to get all the lilies into shot

My mum and dad bought me this just completely adorable pug drawing, it will be hitting the walls in our new house along with the rest of the pug things I seem to be acquiring en masse, including, statues, cushions, sheets and other such tomfoolery. My Mother-In-Law bought me a rather fantastic iPhone holder for the gym, as I’m currently popping mine down my bra, oh and the first season of Game of Thrones, I have a feeling she hasn’t seen it.

My birthday present to myself was a haircut up at Paul Stafford on the Lisburn Road, Aidan and Erin took charge of my rapidly growing hair and toned it down and shaped it up. I feel like a whole new pup, and I’m doing that thing that we all do with new hair, which is swish it about like you’re in a shampoo commercial.

On the evening of my birthday, plans had to be swiftly changed, the plans himself had originally were to take me for dinner with lots of my friends there as a surprise. Alas the prospect of food was turning my stomach badly and we didn’t know if I’d even manage the journey up to Belfast so we had to cancel and instead Ali and Claire met us for a coffee where they gave me the most beautiful vintage pendant and Claire had only flipping gone and made me a cake bearing the brand new header for my blog on it! So new it isn't even up yet!

So that was my birthday weekend, an odd combination of not being too well but at the same time just feeling hugely appreciative of everyone who had thought of me.

What do we think guys, it’s totally justified if I have another birthday dinner with my friends when I’m feeling better right?

Much Love as always

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