Nice Day For A White Wedding: Opinions On What To Wear

Hello my lovelies,

Today I need some of your fabulous opinions, I have a wedding coming up at the start of September and I have been pondering what I should wear. It's that weird period between summer and proper autumn that sometimes ends up warmer than August. All the things I like seem to be either too summery or too autumn related. I thought I would throw it out to you guys to help me as I'm entering a total phase of bewilderment!

For me

First things first I'm going for a dress, I like wearing something bright to a wedding as it's meant to be a happy occasion. I found this Vivienne Westwood Anglophile Rose Puzzle Dress and just adore it. I'm slightly worried it's a little summery, but I have a plan!

Isn't it so pretty? My worry is that it's white in places, will the bride be annoyed? Is it too white in places? Here's what I thought I'd put with it.

Aren't they garishly wonderful? They're from Dorothy Perkins, I was considering some green tights if it was cold but to be honest I'm worried I'll look a bit like The Riddler.

What do you guys think? Tights, no tights? Is it too white, is it too summery? I love it though, it's Vivienne Westwood afterall!

Himself is much easier to outfit, I have to show you what I've got him. All his suits are usually black but I decided he needed a bit of a break from black and I picked him up this rather dapper navy suit from Marks and Spencer.

To go with it I'm mulling over these rather fabulous Jeffrey West Shoes 

I love how sharp they look. I thought we'd go for a tie-less white shirt, open top button to keep it on the George Clooney side of formal.

So what do you guys think? 
Will it be OK for a September wedding?

Much Love


char said...

Oh boy, I've spent some serious money with Mr West in the past few years, bu their shoes are always amazing, it has to be said!

MissGreenEyes said...

I love the dress, I don't think it's too white or too riddler at all. At our wedding one girl had the most stunning cream mini dress with nude shoes on, it was absolutely gorgeous and I certainly didn't mind her wearing a bright colour! Go for it.

DawnieP said...

Oh I love them, they're just so fabulous!

DawnieP said...

Awk hanks chick I'm thinking I'm going to go for it as I really like it :)

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