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One of the things I use a lot in my blogging is my iPad Mini, I take pictures with it, I use the Blogger App and often edit my photos with it. On top of that I use it for Twitter, Facebook, reading books and general game playing tomfoolery.

When The Snugg asked me if I wanted to review one of their iPad Mini covers, I accepted. Mainly because I haven't bought any covers for my mini since I got it and I thought 'well I really should see what's out there.'

I selected this iPad Mini case in bright orange. Isn't it cheery? I rather like orange, my Sally Hansen orange nail polish has made me thaw to the brightness.

I've been using it now for a couple of weeks and it's been living in my bag and getting bounced around. So far I've had no problems , the magnetic strip which keeps it closed has stopped any damage being done to my iPad from keys etc. 

The main way I use it is to tuck the back up and raise it for typing. I find this very helpful and unlike my last iPad case it doesn't flatten with time. I wish the little catch which the cover slides into was slightly deeper so that it slid out less, but that's just one small thing.

The pen holder is handy especially if you're using it for work, as is the handle which you can slide onto your hand for presentations. In all it is a very versatile cover.

It comes in ten different colours, I'm pretty sure you can make it match any outfit.

If you're looking for an iPad cover do check them out.

Much Love

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