Summer Skin: Clarins Multi Active Night Review

Is there anything more depressing than discovering you’ve now gone up a skincare bracket? I’m now in the 29-40 first signs of aging bracket, I joyously discovered this when lamenting how sad I was that my Clarins Energising Cream had run out. To which the Clarins girl said ‘oh that’s too young for you anyway.’ Granted she thought I was twenty four which only slightly perked me up from my doldrums.

So when I arrived to pick up my Gentle Exfoliating Toner, I also asked about a night cream. I’ve not really been one for night creams but I do think night is the best time for treatments and if you can do it while your skin doesn’t have to deal with pollution, stress, heat, etc then you may as well. She recommended Multi Active Night, which was going to restore my youth, apparently. Personally I wasn’t aware it had gone anywhere but there we go.

What Does It Do?

Restores your youth apparently. It’s quite a thick cream which I like at night personally. Clarins touts this as ‘eight hours of sleep in a jar’ the cream aims to give you a more radiant, rested complexion, evening tone and brightening. It won Best Age Busting Night Cream at Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Awards which is quite the achievement.


Well when I bought this I didn’t really know what to expect, but the first night after I used it I did find that in the morning I looked a lot more fresh and glowy. My routine at night is cleanse, toner twice a week, hydrating toner, then Hydraluron, eye cream and then I apply this as the final intensive treatment for overnight care. I’ve been using it now for nearly two months and the results I’ve found have been consistent. There has been deep moisturising and the condition of my skin looks better. I definitely look more rested in the morning, which is invaluable when I’ve had a bad sleep, which with the heat in the last couple of months has been more than a couple of times.

I’m obsessed with anything that offers illumination or radiance and when I bought this I was hoping it would fulfil that for me. I’m not disappointed at all; I feel like it is hitting the areas I want help with. It’s the right night product for my skin at the moment.

Use it if:

-you want to give your skin an intense overnight drink.
-you’re concerned about looking rested in the morning.
-you want to hold off on the first signs of age.

It’s a little pricey, it was one of those products I got to the counter and choked when the till brought up the number. At £43 you could buy something cheaper, but I’m actually really happy with this. I still have plenty left after two months, so keep your fingers crossed it will last me for another one or two!

Much Love

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