Turning into Rapunzel: MorEPA Fish Oil Review

I am not good with fish, looking at them sure that's fine. Do I want to stick my feet in with them, not really. Do I want to eat them? Not so much. As such the only fish I eat is tuna and because everyone keeps going on and on about the benefits of fish oil for the body I decided I had better investigate.

The woman responsible for my renewed vigour for trying out fish oil capsules was none other than the fabulous Caroline Hirons who advocates good quality fish oil supplements as part of a routine to keep your skin healthy and happy. So when I was asked if I'd like to try out MorEPA Smart Fats Fish Oil from Minami. I was a little dubious when I'd tried taking fish oil before it had made me really queasy and the fishy aftertaste which had repeated on me all day was not pleasant. I never managed to keep up a routine with the fish oils to notice a difference because of the symptoms.

The Science

The MorEPA Smart Fats Fish Oil are 85% Omega 3 High EPA formula, they have higher purity levels than most fish oils on the market, and higher concentrations of Omega 3, so no fillers or saturated fat. You also only have to take one a day and they're from sustainable fish supplies. Hurrah for that!

What Do They Do?

Fish oils are good for the heart, they affect the cells of the muscle, supporting smooth blood flow. They're great for the brain, vision and linked to lowering chances of diabetes in a recent study. All fabulous things.

My results

I have now been taking Mor EPA fish oils for six weeks and I feel this is long enough to fully assess their affects.
1. I've had no horrid fishy aftertaste, they are orange and once taken I didn't have any issues.
2. I had no nausea with them at all.
3. I was unprepared for how much my hair and nails would grow. My nails grew out of their gel polish after about a week, I constantly seem to be having to reshape them because they're growing rapidly. They haven't been this long in ages.
My hair has been one of the biggest surprises, it had never been a really slow grower but at the minute it has sped up and is now hurtling down my back. In genuinely amazed with it. I wasn't aware that fish oil affected the hair and nails but apparently it speeds hair follicle growth. My hair and nails are currently testament to it, I really can't believe it.

I rarely rave about anything but getting ready for a wedding next year I'd been worried about my hair not being long enough in time. Not any more! I was sent one bottle which I've just finished but I've gone and bought four more bottles to keep me stocked up. I've given them to my mr and to my mum. Can't recommend these highly enough girls, great for inside and out. Hair, skin, nails heart, muscles and even has the ability to  keep you looking youthful. Get some fish oils in you girls!

I've gone and bought more to keep me stocked up!

        Much Love

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