App Unhappy: Sometimes Photo Apps Aren't A Good Thing

So yesterday I updated my iPhone and went meandering through the App Store to see what was new and exciting and I stumbled across an app in the charts called Perfect365. I downloaded it and was interested to try it out. Apparently it lets you try out make up and I thought that was very up my street.

I quickly selected a picture from my camera roll, one that I was happy enough with and ran it through the app. The app pinpoints your eyes lips and face shape from your picture then allows you to change to the twenty or so different make up filters. Cats eyes, green shadow, pink, eyeliner and lip gloss all done for you.

Here's the thing though, the app smooths everything out, your picture looks great after you run it through the filters. I found myself suddenly sad about the original photo, the retouched one looked so much better. I looked young and smooth and my make up was loads better than I do it! It got me thinking, I mean with photoshop and now apps being totally freely available which will re-sculpt your face, complexion and remove signs of age, what's the result? They take away all of your 'flaws' the things you have hang ups about, removed with the touch of a button.

The before and the after

It's strange, we've been aware of photoshopping in the fashion and magazine world for years and I haven't really ever given it much thought but this is a very good app, it is one of the best of its ilk I've seen in ages. I found myself flicking between the reality and the retouched and honestly it made me downright glum. I thought about how prolific it is, this is an app in the top twenty charts of the app store an awful lot of people have bought it. I wonder what it does to the psyche? To be presented with the flawless, improved version of yourself, that isn't a reality. To present yourself as this image, especially in the time of social media, do you feel like it's a lie?

Of course there's the argument that make up in itself creates a lie and presents a you that isn't true to reality but I think the digital image is especially removed from you. It alters the contours of your face, makes your eyes bigger in places, takes in your cheeks for some of the filters. In my pictures I've always had creases under my eyes, I inherited them from my grandmother. They're completely normal and they've always been there, the app has completely removed them which yes makes me delirious with joy but it isn't real. My initial response was to be delighted and immediately run all of my photos through it, but I don't wear that much make up for the most part and  I think the prospect of staring at a photo which is an impossible rendering of your face isn't going to do a lot for your self esteem.

Me with no make up before going to the gym, meets me with lots of make up.

I think about the young girls and guys in some cases using this, suddenly their skin is smoothed out and looking fabulous. I wonder what that does to a developing mind, do you start to adjust to try and create that perfection or do you just get gloomy about it, maybe you hide behind that image and worry that people may be disappointed upon meeting you. I don't know, perhaps you're someone who is unaffected by all of this you see it as just an app to bump up a picture that people have to see.

What are your opinions on these apps? Do you love them? Would you be at all hesitant about having them yourself?

Much Love

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