Berry Burst: 17 Berry Crush Lip Stain

Potentially the most bizarre facial expression ever, I was trying to smile!

 I can't seem to stop buying lipstains at the minute, it's becoming a problem. I bought this one the other day, mainly because of the colour. I'm trying to find a pink toned berry colour to wear because even though I love red loads of them don't suit my skin tone but I find more pinky tones do. So I spotted this and colour wise I really like it.

It's a stain on one side, a lip balm on the other. Personally I don't see the point of that as it just makes the stain come off. Anyway I whacked it on my lips and had a problem, for some reason it would go on the bottom but wouldn't really go on the top. I tried holding it vertical but to no avail, so my lips ended up different colours. It also wouldn't stay put and ended up doing that dry streak across the middle of the lip. I was actually gutted as I loved the colour. I need to find this colour in a more long lasting solution!

It's a shame, but a good attempt from 17 at the felt tip stain, for my money NYC's stains are much better  and last longer.

Much Love

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