Berrylicious: Natural Daytime Autumn Eyes

Today is only a little post, I wanted to show you a rather hasty set of pictures I took over the weekend when I wore a burgundy, green combo on my eyes. You guys know what I'm like I always forget to take pictures so I grabbed these on the way out the door.

Colours come from my NYC palette (which is suffering from being bashed around in my make up bag) and my Inglot palette.

I always look at pictures and think 'I need to use filters or some kind of amazing skin smoothing app' but then I remember that you guys know I'm not some smooth manga character and I get over it. 

It's a really light eye, just a little bit of burgundy to colour the lids, then a second coat into the crease, I lined my eyes with a little kohl, I believe it was Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl. Finally a pop of green on the inside corner and underneath the bottom lashes. 

It isn't the most advanced look, but it is a really easy not too OTT day look.

No lash extensions, I have all the sads.

Before I go, you guys know that every year I knit my own snood for the winter, I can never find the type I want in the shops so I do my own. I thought I'd share with you the colours for this year. I am obsessed.

Can't wait to finish it and get it on!

Much Love

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