Bowling, Birthdays, Big Bad Baking: Himself Has Another Birthday

Yep that's a pug in a party hat, take a moment with that, I'll just wait.

All pugged out? Ok let's get on.

Hello all, it was Himself's birthday again this week, apparently it happens every year! Well I don't know about you guys but I'm running out of present ideas.

Anyway, on Tuesday it was his big day and I had a few things planned. Firstly the pug wore her party hat, seriously have you ever seen anything more adorable than a pug in a party hat? Perhaps two pugs in party hats? Anyway, we made him a big stack of pancakes and a big stack of presents, so opened his presents while eating his pancakes. He got very spoiled, you know Molly is getting better on eBay, she managed to buy him a great bag. I bought him an antique quad of his favourite film, Don't Look Now for anyone who's interested. He got DVDs, clothes, sweets and he was a very happy boy.

Seriously, it's a pug in a party hat.
As with every year I try to make himself an epic cake. Now whether or not it is actually epic is usually a matter of opinion. I don't think I'll be on The Great British Bake Off any time soon but I love making him something new every year, because I never really get that much of a chance to bake anymore. I'm usually busy and often I end up eating it all, myself. Let's be clear here folks, I have to squeeze my backside into a wedding dress, I have little need of baked goods. So I don't bake too much. This year I had one objective, Pug!

So I set about making my cake. Four tiers of red velvet goodness!

Red velvet cake, here it is all stacked up. I opted for a cream cheese frosting and slapped it very liberally on the cake, no prizes for neatness.

I then set about my decorations, I won't even tell you how much fondant I bought, needless to say it was a lot. I bought some on the internet, it looked like it hadn't arrived in time so I ordered some from Tesco and then everything arrived at once and I had twice as much as I needed. Anyone needs any pug coloured fondant, let me know because I have heaps of the stuff. Anyway, I drew out the design and then rolled out my fondant, cutting the individual shapes out so that I could assemble it easily when it was done.

Once everything was done. I rolled out the covering fondant and assembled my pug!

So that's the pug cake done, I wasn't exactly thrilled with it but I was pleasantly amused by it. That counts right? Himself loved it though and that's the main point of the whole thing so I can't exactly complain.

We were meant to be going to the cinema, but we had a little time to kill, so I took the birthday boy bowling. I am not good! Himself on the other hand, has his own ball, it's called Robert, I'm not even kidding, oh that I were. So we had a quick game and he beat me very convincingly.

We wandered off to the cinema to see The Heat afterward and then for a large dinner. I should point out, I missed Great British Bake Off for him, now that's love, right?

Much Love

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