Four Shades Of Grey :Gothic Harlem At NYC

Industrial eyes with NYC

Recently I got sent a rather sexy little palette of greys from NYC called Gothic Harlem, what a name right?  Because they have such a fabulous name, I wanted to create a gothic industrial look. Grey isn't a colour I'd naturally gravitate to when I'm doing my make up but I have to say I loved the industrial feel of these colours.

Four shades from a bright contouring white to silver, steel and finally a dark gunmetal grey. They're the full kit that you could possibly need to achieve a tonal deeply contoured look. 

I decided to give them a quick swatch on my hand to see if the pigmentation was good, or if they required a little extra product to really get that pop of colour.

Colours in daylight

In all they lose a little of the sparkle they have when they're packed in the palette but the colours are still strong. This was one dip and and swipe with the little brush which comes with the palette.

My plan was to do an easy 2 minute eye, I wanted to see how well the products would react to an eye with no primer to prepping, fast strokes with a fluffy brush just to build up the tones.

Here were the results.

No eyelash extensions or anything, I always feel a bit blah without them but with regard to the colour it came out a very shimmery grey and the darker sections really added a bit of impact.

In all a bargain of a palette for £2.99, great little piece from NYC.

Much Love

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