Let's Hear It For The Boy: David Beckham Classic Scent Review

I go a bit funny when I talk about David Beckham, when I look at David Beckham, it's a similar story. He just does things to me, alas not in the real world but within my brain we are very pleased with Mr Beckham.
So when a new David Beckham fragrance landed on my desk I didn't instantly open the bottle instead I ogled the picture shamelessly. Yum.  The bottle is back to David's retro stylings, I've felt the same about the fragrances he's released from Coty, there's a real masculine retro feel to them all, the bottles, the styling, even the colour palette; masculine hunting lodge green if you're interested. It's pretty obvious David's trying to capture the audience of men who want to feel manly about their scent and he's doing it well.

On a sniff test I got lots of gin scents, there's a spicy woodiness, lots of flavours of mint in there as well but not as noticeable. I put it on himself to give it a proper smell. It warms up well and the notes of spice and cedar wood are the longest lasting on the skin. The fresh gin smell does leave quite quickly which actually is a shame because I enjoyed it, but in all it holds itself well on the skin.

It has the same retro vibe, I could very easily see this being a scent that was thirty years old, as it feels classic, which is apt. That isn't a negative, it feels like something that the wearer has always worn. Since Himself has been wearing it I have to say it isn't a scent that is immediately overpowering, but when I sniff him it's there and it's lovely. If you're a fan of 'club you in the face' scents this probably isn't going to do it for you. It's a relaxed, casual, classic scent that will appeal to the guy who doesn't like to fuss too much about what he wears and would like something masculine and fresh.

I just wish Coty would send David Beckham round so I could properly review the scent by smelling it on him. That's fair right?

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