Molly Goes Organic: Lily's Kitchen Organic Dog Food Review

Molly helping me pack up the kitchen

Molly is a large component of this blog. For those of you who don’t know her, she’s my very cheeky pug who has imbued our entire house with pug everything and a liberal scattering of hairs which challenges our hoover daily and ensures we change the bag once a week.

Due to this I find that I always love being approached about anything doggie related because it gives me an excuse to take pictures of Molly for the blog. Recently I got asked by A well known Pet Insurance company if I wanted to try out Lily’s Kitchen Organic Dog food range, or rather if Molly wanted to. My initial response was an absolute yes; I find I get a bit worried about what she eats, granted once I saw her chewing a safety pin so she isn’t quite as worried as me. But I do worry about what she eats.

Molly posing with her goodies

Often I see so many articles about the total rubbish that goes into dog food and I don’t like thinking that she’s eating bad things when it’s her main form of nutrition, as well as this, she’s a pug so we have to be very aware of what we give her so that it doesn’t make her gain weight. She’s capable of sniffing out a crumb a mile away, and has been known to go through the bin in search of anything edible. Let’s just say Molly is a challenge.

Molly was trying out Lily’s Kitchen Proper Dog Food, Forget Me Nots and Breakfast Crunch. She’s a bit of a weirdo, even though I’ve caught her eating anything that falls from the kitchen counter including raw potato and a tissue she gets odd when someone changes her dinner. So initially when I started putting Proper Dog Food into her bowl she flat out refused to eat it. She sat miserably and glared at me beneath her eyelashes. I switched to Breakfast Crunch which has yoghurt, berries and turkey in it along with bananas, honey, oats and seeds. I mean seriously, how spoilt was this dog getting?

The out takes, Molly got bored of posing...
Molly liked the Breakfast Crunch, tentatively trying it out and declaring it good. Himself tried it too and said it didn’t taste like dog food but like puppy muesli. Now how he knows what that tastes like I didn’t want to ask. Molly enjoyed it, I was still baffled that she had her own breakfast food, but it made me smile. The Forget Me Nots which are cheese and apple flavour seemed to go down very, very well, so well that Molly stole a bag from the cupboard (the one she's pictured in above) and finished them by herself when I was out, then had the audacity to whine at her bowl half an hour later when it was empty.

In all, a positive experience. It definitely made me feel more content knowing that she was getting really lovely food. I think the treats were the definite winner, we may have to buy her more Forget Me Nots but this time put them in a higher cupboard so she doesn’t finish the whole box in one sitting.

Much Love

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