Non Surgical Eyelift In 40 Seconds? :Eyesential Review

Occasionally I am accused of downright nosiness, and I have to say it is an affliction I bear from time to time. So when the opportunity arose to poke about my mother's products I had to have a go.                                      

You all probably know my current eye fixation, fixation is the only word that I can use for it because it's probably not healthy the amount of time I spend panicking about the texture. But anyway, I digress.I was trying out my new Indeed Labs Nanoblur on my mother and she was wholly unimpressed and said 'I like my eye cream it takes everything away.' Extreme nosiness to the fore I asked her which cream and she proffered Eyesential at me.                                                                                                                                   Never one to turn down a testing opportunity I slapped a little tiny bit of the gel on my eye area and waited for probably nothing to happen. Instead I was very surprised to find that my entire eye area had smoothed out.

As I don't have lines in that area (don't hate me I have hollows instead, ain't nothing can be done about them) I thought it probably wasn't going to test the Eyesential very much. So I decided I would borrow Himself.
No Trickery, blurring, photoshopping. Just standing in front of a window
He is gorgeous, but he has a few lines round his eyes and I thought it would be a good test. I popped the tiniest bit of the gel under each eye and just patted it in. This was the result. No odd blurring, no photoshopping, no anything just a picture in front of the window. There's about 2 minutes between these pictures so no light change, no filters, no editing at all apart from putting them beside each other.

Nothing but direct sunlight 40 seconds later
I'm actually rather amazed. It just looks so smooth, the lines have all been smoothed out, it looks like you've been photoshopped in real life. I haven't been so instantly impressed with a product in a long time. It tightens on the skin and keeps everything in place, if you're not a fan of a tightening sensation this probably isn't for you. One thing I've discovered is that it can crack if you pull at it, but the effects are unquestionably impressive.

The downside? Well when you take it off everything goes back to normal, so it isn't going to be a permanent fix. It's one of those things that maybe could make you a bit blue when you took it off, but if you do have lines that bother you it does have a great effect.
My mum wears it when she's got a special occasion or a night out. She doesn't wear much make up normally anyway, she has enviably good skin and hardly any skin care routine at all. Sigh! 

So there you have it, a product that actually does what it says it does. Remarkable. I didn't have to post this, but I found it utterly fascinating, I am not on Eyesential's payroll or anything I just thought you guys might find it fascinating as well!

What do you think? Eyelift? Would you use it?

Much Love


Nic StrawberryBlonde said...

Wow that does look impressive... I wonder how it performs under make-up. Guessing your man isn't up for that experiment? ;) He has dreamy eyes, just like you!

Nic x

DawnieP said...

I put it over my make up and I found when I pulled my eyes it went a little whiter. I think it's designed to go under make up, it's almost like a clear film that holds the eye. I actually think it would look better with make up over it!

I'll tell him about the dreamy eyes, he won't believe me but I'll tell him :)


schoolgatestyle said...

Bloody hell - that's amazing! Want want want! xx
PS kudos to the man for testing for you - he rocks!

DawnieP said...

Ack god love him Avril he just stands there as I put creams and toners and lotions and all sorts on his face. He gave up on trying to fight it long ago!

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Woah! That is some improvement... not that he had massive wrinkles or anything!

KylieR said...

Wow you really can see the difference, very impressive

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