Retro Bakes: How To Make Diana Bars

I think being from Northern Ireland I'm aware quite how crazy we are about breads and cakes. We have loads that seemingly no-one else has heard of. I always think of traybakes as the stuff of my childhood, bake sales, parent teachers meetings, coffee mornings, sports days. All filled to the brim with traybakes.

I love a bit of a retro moment, you guys know this, so I'm going to show you how to retrofy this staple.

The Americans call them fridge cakes, am I right American readers? I'm assuming this is mainly because they don't need any baking and can just be put straight in the fridge. My favourites are Bounty Squares and Fifteens, recipes for those another day, I promise. Today I'm going to give you the recipe for another favourite retro traybake Diana Bars.

I was asked on Instagram when I posted these to hook everyone up with the recipe, so I'm being as good as my word. Here's how to make your own and make them retrofabulous.

15 digestive biscuits
large can of condensed milk
15 marshmallows
 15 small chunks of honeycomb
desiccated coconut to sprinkle onto the bottom
2 Large Cadbury's Dream Bars
Retro sweets of your choice

Pound digestive biscuits until they are no bigger than crumbs.
Add marshmallows, honeycomb, and condensed milk to biscuits and mix.
Line your tray and sprinkle with desiccated coconut.
Melt Cadbury's Dream bars.
Spoon biscuit mixture into tray and flatten.
Pour melted Dream Bar over biscuit mixture
While chocolate is liquid top it with your retro sweets, white mice, jazzies, sprinkles and dolly mixtures.
Put in fridge until hard.


Much Love

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