Wedding Wonders: Everyone We Know Is Getting Married

Another weekend another wedding. A couple of weekends ago we went to my good friend Gary's wedding to Ruth. I had been on her hen night the previous weekend. Cocktail classes and massive dinners, honestly I needed some kind of wheelbarrow to get me home.

Here I am, heavy on the tan, and my most natural faux lashes for the evening! They're Eylure and I've had them for about three years! Ruth the bride has the most amazing skin, really clear and glowing. Gorgeous.

The day of the wedding was totally beautiful, it was supposed to rain and be cold and instead the sun absolutely pelted down, as you can see from my pictures. No apps for lens flare required!

The bride and groom were gorgeous all day, Ruth looked stunning in a beautiful duchess satin gown and I loved her choice of royal blue for her colour scheme and her bridesmaids, it was a great colour for the season!

We had such a fabulous day, it really was wonderful, and so full of happiness. I love the current trend for favours to be donations to charity, I think it's a much better idea than spending money on things most people will forget to take with them anyway. Great idea Gary and Ruth!

Well that's all from me folks.

Much Love

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