Accessory Bliss: Curbing My Shopping Tendencies

We may be mad, genuinely. We've just bought a house, there's less than six months until our wedding, and we have a house to furnish. What has possessed us? Consequently I've been trying to cut my shopping habits, that means the skincare obsession (it's not going too well) and the accessory fixation. The problem with this is I keep seeing things that I really, really, really WANT. No, scratch that, need not want. Need! Of course I mean it is important that I cater to my wedding guests and have a sofa but look at these shoes!

They have a gnome as the heel. A Gnome! I obviously need them. 

I will call him Maurice and he will be my Maurice! 

I do need them obviously. It reminds me of Beckett's Endgame (see we do highbrow here too) when the customer in a pique of frustration at his trousers still not being ready squabbles with the tailor that the earth was created in only 7 days, how can it take the tailor longer to make trousers. To which the tailor says with a smile, 'ah but look at the world, and look at my trousers.' 

Exactly. Look at these shoes!

Also I spied this and I shouldn't have but now I can't stop thinking about how much it must be mine.

Look at this bag! I love Michael Kors seriously I mean we all pretty much just want to lick most of his accessories a la Miley Cyrus, or a la Molly the pug who licks it then asks you if you still want it, all by the eyes. Clever dog.

It's such a pretty and versatile bag, I mean it would be an investment you know? My Michael Kors watch is totally one of my most favourite things. I need the matching bag, obviously.

So guys, they're totally an investment right? 

I should totally buy them....

Much Love

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