All You Need Is Cake: Baking, Baking, Baking

Last weekend I had some baking to do, one of Himself's staff was leaving and cake had been requested. Cue me baking!

I made some very simple vanilla cupcakes, mainly because all my baking things are still in a storage locker somewhere so I had to keep it simple and effective. I bought some muffin cases from TK Maxx multicoloured prettiness but they are huge!

The tea cups were thrifted from an Oxfam shop, we have the entire tea set along with a sugar bowl. I thought they were ridiculously pretty.

Aren't those cases just adorable? They're great if you want that kind of American look to your cupcakes. I don't normally use such big cases, I use the large muffin cases which are for cupcakes but these are beyond that. I always find the mixture gets a bit more dense in these, perhaps that's just my baking?

Tea and cake
I also had some normal cases and made up a dozen and a half cupcakes for Himself to take into work, aren't I a lovely missus? It's a big thank you as well to my bridesmaid and baker extraordinaire Claire from Lily Pink Bakery and French for Cupcake as she gave me the containers as all mine are packed away. Thank you Claire.

Much Love

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