Are we ripe for a Jessica Rabbit revival?

Today is a break from the norm and I'm putting my feet well and truly up, well sort of. A guest post today all about that retro shape and is it making a come back.


With a nipped-in waist and balanced proportions, the hourglass body shape is often lauded as the ideal feminine silhouette. Much appreciated in the 50s, this body shape, sported so well by such sultry sirens as Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of inspirational, feminine elegance.
Unfortunately, in this day and age a womanly shape no longer appears to be the favoured figure and current trend dictates that women should cut a very different silhouetteWhile research may suggest that a small waist is the overarching symbol of feminine beauty, the images portrayed by the media would beg to differ. It may, therefore, be no climatic coincidence that all things lean and lithe are currently being lauded.  
Health and beauty, as a commercial industry, is highly lucrative and the market for appearance-enhancing products is overwhelmingIt would seem that women are eternally interested in attaining and enhancing their looks. Whether the market already exists or is being scrupulously manipulated is a point for debate. Yet by exacerbating an ideal of unattainable youth and beauty, the industry insiders can tap into an inexhaustible source of income.
There has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of fashion and figures inspired by the 1950s. Head out to any one of the Cineworld cinemas around the UK and enjoy a film that reflects this retro resurgence. Inspired by such huge successes as Mad Men, the media may just have to follow suit to profit from current popularity.
While those with womanly curves may abandon an uber-trendy boutique, feeling frustrated by the exclusivity of recent trends, vintage style reflects a Jessica Rabbit revival. So embrace the current fashion for tea dresses and pencil skirts and cover curves with fabrics that flow and cling in all the right places. Beauty is abundant in a variety of different body shapes, so work with what you’ve got and rejoice if you can flaunt your 50s curves.
Every little helps
Most women will never be able to achieve the current industry ideal, even despite the slight shift away from emaciated chic.Yet, any assistance along the way is still likely to be grabbed with both hands. While reason reminds us that we’re often at the mercy of the media and the images it chooses to showcase, our right mind may desert us when an innovative lotion or potion is wheeled out as the next wonder cream or slimming secret.
Women may end up lamenting the way they look, meanwhile magazines continue to push these products. Magazine pages abound with images of perfection because the health and beauty industry is willing to pay heavily for the privilege. Prime positions in glossy women’s publications are a tried and tested marketing ploy.
While the media may play its part, a resentment of our own reflection can only really be re-addressed from within. Tweak the way you think about yourself and you’ll find your self-esteem will soar. Body shape shouldn’t be of prime concern. Comfort in one’s own skin is of paramount importance.  

Perhaps, however, the tide is finally turning.

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