Battle of The Balms: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Battle of the balms has well and truly begun with a big hitter. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is a fabulous spa-like treatment at home. It's made up of lots of essential oils which not only creates a potent scent but also an easily smoothed oil based cleansing balm. 

I adore Elemis, they do the most gorgeous spa treatments so the prospect of an at home treatment is delicious. The active oil ingredients of the balm are listed as:

'Padina Pavonica: A powerful anti-ageing active.
Elderberry Oil: Firms and plumps your skin.
Starflower Oil: Maintains the skin's moisture levels.
Optimega Oil: Improves skin hydration.
Mimosa and Rose Flower Waxes: Softens and comforts your skin.'

How does it feel?
The balm is a light oily residue, it spreads easily. It feels like an oily emulsion rather than what I have conventionally thought of as a balm. It does feel very luxurious and glistens on the skin.

How does it perform?
I tried this with a full face of make up. I'm accustomed to taking my cleanser around the eyes and removing eye make up along with everything else, sometimes following with a second cleanse if I need it. Well I tried taking it round the eyes and I really wish I hadn't. It stings! This is not a balm for make up removal I have to say. It did a nice job of taking off my make up but I wouldn't say it would be ideal for the first cleanse.

How does it smell?
Potent and expensive. It's heady, it's designed to be heady, in fact you can put it on your face for ten minutes and then run the cloth provided under warm water and press it to your face creating a treatment by inhaling the scents. An aromatherapy treatment of sorts, it's relaxing. I found the smell a little bit sickening personally, that's mainly because I don't tend to use any scented products at all. Number one on the list of things that irritate my skin is fragrance so I tend to avoid. 

Results after use?
The first time I used the product I put it on and left it for five minutes to follow with the hot cloth to get the full aromatherapy treatment. I also liberally applied it to Himself's face to see how it would fair on our different skin. As I took it off with the hot cloth I started to feel a tingling which as an Alpha H user I'm very used to. I ignored it and once the balm was all off I removed it on Himself, his skin was soft and really supple, mine also felt soft and treated. Unfortunately the tingling got worse and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I had a face of itchy red blotches. My skin was very unhappy with me. It reminded me of my reaction to Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, they share some similar ingredients so it shouldn't have been too much of a shock. My skin was itchy and annoyed with me though and I couldn't use anything on it for fear of angering it.
When normality resumed I tried it again with a direct on and off cleanse and I had no noticeable reaction but I must admit it has put me off using it. I think my skin must be quite sensitive to essential oils.

Good for...
Those who are not sensitive to essential oils, who like a real luxury spa at home. I'm a bit gutted this doesn't agree with me as I would love it to. 


I don't see this as a cleanser, not in the true sense of the word. It stings too much round the eyes. Instead I think this is a gorgeous treatment that will soften and clean your skin if you aren't sensitive to the oils. 

Marks- 6/10
Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm is £39.50

Don't forget  to pop back for the second contender!

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