Battle Of The Balms: Voya Totally Balmy Cleanser

Welcome back to day 2 of The Battle of The Balms! Day One's contender was Elemis's Pro-Collagen offering. Day two sees Voya's Totally Balmy come to the fore. It's made of unique algae extracts from the Atlantic Coast of Ireland, also in there are ylang-ylang, bergamot, sweet almond oil and rose oils. An initial whiff of the cleanse and it doesn't smell overpowering at all, in fact you have to really hunt for a scent, something I wasn't sad about.

How does it feel?
It's a very solid balm, this is exactly what I think of when I hear the word balm. It reminded me of the texture of a solid perfume. You dip your finger in and grab a little to rub on your face, they give you a whole instruction leaflet, which I love. I think had it been slightly less dense you might be able to measure the amount you're taking out a little easier. I find that I stick my finger in and I end up with balm under my nails and everything. Maybe it's my technique!

How does it perform?
I took it around the eyes on my first use with great trepidation. I had on lashings of Telescopic mascara and a full eye look, I was a bit worried after the stinging from the Elemis balm that this would be a repeat. I didn't need to worry, no irritation on my eyes at all, I was able to swipe it over my eyes, massage it into my face, move it in small circles over my eyes to remove the mascara. The final test, opening your eyes when the lashes are covered in balm. The result? No problem at all. No irritation, that's quite good, as I can't wear eyeliner on my waterline due to sensitive eyes, so I was impressed by this.

How does it smell?
Extremely mild. There's very little scent, the oils are in there for effect rather than fragrance and I have to say I very much like it that way.

Results after use
My skin is clean and it seems to be nicely moisturised, I've noticed that it is definitely softer. I'm having to use less moisturiser at night also which is a bonus when my favourite night cream is £48, ouch. I've also noticed that the last two weeks I've been using it my skin is clearer. I didn't really notice because hormones and stress affect skin so much but I have to say my skin is looking very clear. I can't say for definite if it's the cleanser but it is quite the coincidence.The anti-aging aspect of this balm for me is in the oils which are nourishing and which soften the skin. I think the difference is in that constant nourishment.

Good for...
I can't think who this wouldn't be good for, it suits my skin, I don't even let Himself use it! I'm so mean. It would be great for dry skin, dehydrated like mine but oily skin does very well with balm and facial oils. If your skin is a little sensitive like mine you may enjoy this very much also.

Really, really liked this balm. I love that it's organic and that it's an Irish brand producing such a natural and fab product. I was really surprised by this one, but I think I'll be keeping it in my cleansing routine, it gets every bit of make up off, no pulling on the eyes, no stinging or blotches which in my opinion is excellent. It may be responsible for my current excellent skin although I can't say for sure. The only thing that made me take a mark off was the hardness of the balm, I felt if it were a little softer it could be dispensed easier, but that's a small niggle.

Marks 9/10

Voya is available online and is 45 Euros

Much Love

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