Diamond Dogs: Choosing Some Bling

I have to say, I've been giving serious thought to doing a weekly wedding diary because this post falls straight into the wedding category. It's less than six months until I get married, I haven't done much at all. It's getting a little stressful, I'm trying to work out at the minute what kind of ring I want to go with my engagement ring, they're called wedding rings right? I'm just about joking on that, but I didn't think it would be so hard. The problem is I like them all, I want everything. I get to pick my own bling! Do I want emerald cut, princess cut, round cut, old cut, half band, full band, no diamonds, one diamond, lots of diamonds? Genuinely it's a really important decision.
So much sparkly from Anjolee

I have to look at it every day, what if I pick it and then I don't like it? I'm totally overthinking it I know but I just don't know what to go for. At the minute I'm leaning toward one of the diamond eternity rings mainly because I'm not a fan of the 'less is more' school of diamond buying. I'm from the Elizabeth Taylor school of thought, bigger and better. 

I love the flash that comes with diamonds and I like someone being able to see them on my hand from across the room! Surely the pay off of having to live with a boy (stinky socks) is getting something sparkly and having someone to do the bins (yuk). Ok that's just slightly tongue in cheek, but wedding bands, eternity rings and engagement rings are really difficult decisions, for me the wedding ring that is actually an eternity ring in style works well. But I know so many of you have your own ideas about what is the perfect ring for you. I love the rings above from Anjolee, especially the one on the left, with the fineness of the set and the full band of sparkle, it just looks so pretty and would absolutely go with my engagement ring. One of the things I loved about them is that on their site you can completely customise your ring, with size, cut and set so you can essentially make your perfect ring. That really appealed to me, mainly because I can make sure the diamonds are the same size so they go well with my engagement ring, you don't want to upstage it after all.

So I want you to tell me, what's your ideal ring? Are you a bling lover or do you want something simple?

Let me know!

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