Goin Underground: I Get Some New Glasses

Ah anything retro inspired is always a winner on the blog and I have to say I was delighted when I got the chance to try out the new London Retro range of eye-wear from MyOptique. Some are named after London icons like Michael Caine, or Carnaby Street, most are named after London Tube stations, District, Central, Picadilly and the pair I picked, Bakerloo.

I've tried on so many pairs of retro glasses that I have made enemies of most opticians, but they never seem to suit me, they're always too small on my round face and I end up looking odd and not at all like Christina Hendricks. So I made the choice to pick the Bakerloo pair, I looked at the sizes on the website and was relatively confident they were slightly bigger than some of the pairs I'd tried before.

The moment of truth of course came when they arrived. They looked smaller in reality, I think the fact that every pair of glasses I own are oversized doesn't help, and all my sunglasses are oversized also. I'm used to a certain size of eye-wear. I put them on and prepared myself when I hit the mirror. I'd had them made with my almost laughably slight prescription which thankfully dealt with my headache within ten minutes of putting them on.

So the verdict, I must say I didn't think they would suit me but I actually really like them.They're sturdy and I love the colour. They're retro inspired but they aren't blatantly so and if you're like me and you have a bigger face they actually work. Nothing worse than a set of frames that are too small for your face. 

What do you guys think? Are you lovers of retro inspired glasses? Or are you still all about the geek square frames.

Much Love

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