Have Some Belif: Botanical Skincare By Belif

I was recently asked if I wanted to try a skincare brand called Belif. I have to be honest, I'd never heard of  Belif, I had no frame of reference at all. I took a quick look at the website, their products are derived from an English herbalist, no nasty additions. I thought, why not?

This rather adorably flowery little box arrived and inside a whole host of products I've never heard of. It seems to be a smorgasbord of the range. Everything from Hungarian Water Essence to Aqua Bomb, including two lip balms in adorable little pots.

I could go through every product in the box but I'm not going to, mainly because it would take me all day but also because I think there are two products which are by far and away worthy of the whole post. I decided for the sake of a proper review I would use Moisture Bomb and Aqua Bomb, as they are the two products which I felt matched the requirements of my skin. 

As I test skincare products for a minimum of two weeks (yep really) they were the ones that had a decent quantity size for review. I obviously tinkered and tried the others in turn, the lip balms are gorgeous by the way.

So first up The True Cream- Aqua Bomb, made from Lady's Mantle it is a refreshing gel which when placed on the skin cools but also creates a barrier of sorts. Now before you think mineral oil based moisture film, there's no mineral oil in it, no synthetic scents, preservatives or ingredients or anything of animal origin. Hurrah right?

So I slapped this on liberally as I am always fretting about my dehydrated skin, it's for oily combination skin, but I was happy enough to use it and really liked it. This replenishes the water content of the skin by 18% and I felt it when I put it on. My skin felt more moist and the light gel meant that it spread well. It's light enough to reapply if you want to but it does have a beautiful finish, even an hour or two later I could still feel the moisture on my skin which was a life saver in the warmer summer days. This is great to get the water into your skin. It's light enough to be used with other products, the website suggests you can use it after Hungarian Water Essence. My own experience of it I have to say is to apply liberally in the morning before day moisturizers or SPF.

The True Cream -Moisturizing Bomb, promising 26 hour moisturization. The active ingredient here is comfrey leaf which is known for its hydrating properties. I have been using this since the end of September and I still am. I LOVE it. Seriously take a minute to let that sink in. Yep I LOVE it. I was wearing this when I got my skin tested with the Vichy skin analysis, which said my skin was hydrated/very hydrated. Now as someone who has skin prone to dehydration this was a big deal. This cream isn't so much a cream as a balm, it smooths onto the skin easily and creates a layer which holds the moisture in the skin and controls oil. 

For me the difference was when my skin was tight in the morning, I would smooth this over it and it would be instant comfort. It didn't do that annoying this where it sinks in and then disappears and my skin is back to dry. This covered my skin all day even under my make up I could feel the dewiness. It lasted all day, all day I had no tightess or discomfort, it also didn't break me out and again there are no synthetics, mineral oils, or animal products.

If you have dry skin this is the absolute business, I loved it and I am buying the full size pot when my travel size runs out.

 I am so impressed with Belif, they've gone from a brand I've never heard of to having a line of products that I'm desperate to try. I want to work my way through the entire range, all of them!

Much Love

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