HD Brows De-mystified: I Pop My HD Brow Cherry

Brows are a recent addition to my life, not in a general way, I mean I've always had eyebrows. Fear not this isn't a woeful post from me on the sadness of not having eyebrows. No, what I mean is that I only started doing anything with my own brows in the last couple of years. Granted I plucked them and all that sort of business but penciling, stenciling and all that jazz has been recent. I've been hearing about HD Brows for a while and after days of staring at my growing out brows I had no idea what to do with them. I shared my brow woes in conversation with Nicola from Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog who with her perfectly shaped brows recommended Studio D on the Castlereagh Road in Belfast. Now I looked at Nicola's brows, they were far from scary and they looked natural and fabulous, so I booked myself in!

2 days before my appointment my HD Brows patch test arrived, like a tattoo transfer it is applied to the skin, reactions will be obvious. Thankfully I had no reaction so I left my transfer patch test on for Dee to see it and she removed it in the salon. It's probably bad to say that this is the first time I've ever had a patch test done and I've had tints and perms on my eyes!
My patch test

I sat down and Dee looked at my brows, we discussed colour, I said probably what everyone does 'not too dark' and we applied the tint. According to Dee your eyebrows should be two shades darker than the darkest colour in your hair, I did not know that, bear that in mind girls when you're buying your brow pencils. We then talked about shape, she was able to flick through pictures as she remembered doing a brow that she thought would be a very natural shape for me. It looked fabulous, all shapely and arched. I didn't quite know how she was going to get my brow to look like that but I trusted her.

With the tint off we started the wax. I was a bit clenched for the waxing as I've had eyebrow waxes years ago with very warm wax that has been just so painful, but it wasn't really warm and it actually wasn't particularly sore, I chatted through it, so that's a pretty good indicator. 

We moved onto the bit I had been absolutely dreading, the threading. I have seen people having their brows threaded on television and their eyes are watering, they're wincing. I've had twitter conversations with people who have told me it is so painful but produces a great result. I was more than a little worried about it. 

Dee grabbed her HD Brows thread, not just any old thread, branded and everything. Fancy much? I braced myself and she went to work. It took me about twenty seconds to realise it actually wasn't sore at all, I had been braced for a pain worse than waxing and it didn't come. I've not been so delighted in such a long time, it actually gave me the chance to watch her. I find threading fascinating, it's a total art, Dee was moving at such speed and changing angles. She said it is all about practice, slower threading is a little bit more painful. . All I know is that it didn't hurt and that was a joyous revelation.

After the threading Dee carefully plucked and filled. She spent well over an hour on my brows, nearly an hour and a half actually perfecting the shape. And when it was over here were my new brows!!

Before and after HD brows


Side Views

 I am so pleased with them, I didn't think I would be able to achieve that kind of shape. It completely changes my face. I can't stop staring at them. I had asked Dee what her ultimate advice on brows was and she said that she advises people to come in and get their brows shaped as soon as possible, as a teenager ideally so you can find out your perfect shape, but also so you can avoid things that damage the brows like hot waxing, overplucking etc. Good advice.

Dee calls it a journey, and it is. I now know where I have to encourage my brows to grow so they fill in a little more. I've already booked my appointment for eight weeks time, to get them redone and also get LVL lashes done by Dee so that I'm all ready for Christmas. More to the point though after Christmas my next appointment will be February then April so we're going to be getting my brows and lashes into great shape for the wedding. 

What can I say, well I actually came out buzzing, a mixture of adrenalin and just good fun, being happy with my brows but also having a great chat with Dee and enjoying myself. The fact I've booked another appointment is probably case in point. I've gone from brow virgin to HD hardcore and I'm not turning back.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dee at Studio D, she is SUPERB. My threading didn't hurt one jot with her in charge and I adore my eyebrows! Can't wait to keep going on my ultimate eyebrow journey!

You can follow her studio on Facebook at Studio D and follow her on Twitter at @_studio_D if you're curious at all about how your brows could look, or you want to get yours in shape give her a call!

Thank you Dee

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