It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin Or Else It Gets The Hose Again: Vichy Skin Analysis

…and then I said ‘of course I want you to scan my skin, interpret the results and recommend products.’ And that’s how the conversation went when I heard about Vichy’s Skin Analysis system. Ok so most conversations go like that when there’s skincare involved, but let me tell you I’m still looking for that ideal cream, the one that’s going to shrink my pores, make my skin glowing, even perfection and take away any and all signs of age. I think I could be searching for a long time.

I was at the launch of Vichy Life Serum when I was made aware of the service that Vichy offered in Gordon’s Chemists. You can book yourself in and have your skin analysed, they don’t slice it off or anything so don’t panic. Using a rather nifty little machine they check sebum, t-zone, hydration, signs of aging and they also tell you your skin age. I can’t be the only person who freaked at the prospect of their skin age. I confess my initial thought was ‘what if they say my skin age is considerably older than I am?’

So I went along to my appointment and Hazel grabbed the machine to start checking my sebum on my chin, mine came back at a normal level, hurrah! Next up hydration, I have to admit I was pretty nervous about it because, I have very dehydrated skin normally. So imagine my surprise when it came back 'hydrated-very hydrated'. I’m pretty sure I know why as well, I’ve been trialing some new creams from Belif, and I was wearing Moisture Bomb today and honestly it has to be one of the best long term moisturisers I’ve ever used in my life, I put it on my skin at 6:15 this morning and it’s now 5pm and I can still feel it.. I have it to thank for my hydration. Review on that shortly, I promise. I answered questions on sensitivity and irritation and after all of that I have medium sensitive dehydrated skin. I have to say this didn’t come as a surprise, my sensitivity and irritation has been recent and is directly affected by stress and hormones which is essentially the same thing, hello stress hormones. My major breakouts are all due to hormonal changes from stress, I’ve been using Magnesium from Etat Pur to help with that, review soon.

Finally the moment of truth, the bit I’d been dreading, the bit I allowed you all to bet on  Hazel gave me my skin age. She consulted the machine then she started scrutinising my eyes and my jawline. Now knowing me as you all do I’ve been in a mad panic about my eyes for months so I wasn’t delighted that my eyes were going to play a large part in my skin age! So I waited through the scrutiny and after all that what was my skin age?

26. Twenty flipping six. I’ll take that! It’s only four years off my age but that puts me back in my mid twenties and I’m pretty happy that my skincare routine is keeping everything ticking along and shaving a few years off here and there. Skin in the twenties is young and firm anyway so I’m dead happy with that. It does the head good, let me tell you that.

So when I discovered my skin type I was recommended the Aqualia range from Vichy and I was given a sample pot of the night cream which is designed to be used on dehydrated skin like mine to pump water back in. When my skin gets dehydrated I get these horrible crepe lines round my eyes and my make up just sinks straight in. It’s very annoying, so anything that keeps my skin full of water is fabulous. I’m looking forward to trying it and starting to see what it does to my skin, I am going to have to try out the full range if I love it. This is the problem with being a beauty blogger sometimes, you try something then realise you love it and want to try absolutely everything in the range and your shopping list gets enormous!

So folks there you go, if you want your own tailored analysis and interpretation book in to have a skin analysis at a local Gordon’s Chemist.

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