Luminize Me: Luminising Power Arrives At NYC

There are certain words which are like cosmetic catnip to me, if I see them on a product I have to buy it. For example, glow, dewy, luminise are but a few of these. I have quite dehydrated skin which is prone to tightness so dewy foundations are my friend. I got the chance to try out the new Skin Matching Luminizer foundation from NYC. It promises your skin but better, and for a measly £3.99, it's worth a try. There's five shades, Fair to Light, Light, Light to Medium, Medium to Deep, Medium. The ones that were closest to my skin tone were Light and Light to Medium so I grabbed them to try.

I put on my foundation, using the darker colour to contour and blended it in.

I have to say my initial thoughts were 'by crikey that's orange' even the lighter colours didn't seem to match me, I always looked a bit orange tinged. For some reason the foundation seemed to grab onto all the imperfections on my skin, the little bumps, the slight dry spots and seemed to make them even more noticeable. I didn't notice it diffusing light but I will say it does photograph really well, in my pictures you can't see the colour discrepancy or the dry spots. Perhaps a good one if you know you have pictures to take?

I also was using the gorgeous shimmery Color Instinct Palette in Picnic in Central Park. It's a rather pretty little palette, all you need for a daytime shimmer. It could do with being a touch more pigmented so that the colours show when they are built together for a look, but it is a subtle and pretty palette.

I've also added to that the NYC Liquid Lipshine in Brighton Beach Peach and I heart it. It has to be my favourite thing from this look. Super, super glossy and sparkly, there is a really 3-D element to it as the sparkles provide a nice dimensionality.

I think in all those with an oilier skin might get on better with the Luminizer Skin Match foundation, the Liquid Lipshine though, absolutely go get that right now. It doesn't budge either, the formulation makes it very sticky so not one to eat with but it certainly doesn't disappear like so many. It's my bargain favourite!

Much Love 

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