New House: The Trials of Decorating

We finally got our house! Hurrah! My life is a cluster of suitcases and boxes. Getting ready in the morning is a nightmare of straddling suitcases hunting for clothes I'm sure I've packed.But, we're in and it's all very exciting. The hard part though for me anyway, is trying to decide what to do with the place, I think I've picked the colours for downstairs but the furniture is another matter! I'm aware how much rests on the decisions you make for your furniture to make the room cohesive, it's a lot of pressure!

So all I can do is tell you what we've started to decide on, I promise I will do a house tour at some point as we go. So first and foremost our design aesthetic is going to be 1950s atomic ranch house, lots of atomic patterns, some rather lovely curves, rocketship chrome and hopefully it will be nice. How exactly I'm going to put it all together is another thing entirely though.


The first major purchase you have to make is a new sofa, as we have nearly no furniture I've been poring over catalogues and websites, looking for a retro style, looking for fabulous atomic legs. I found this rather yummy little recliner chair though, all 1950s lipstick red and chrome, it sort of picks up the Eames Chair aesthetic but adds a jolt of pin up. Very up my street.

I'm thinking of adding some crazy atomic wallpaper to the walls and create a proper capsule of 1950s retro. What do you guys think? How do you decorate?

Much Love


Sara said...

Oh super excited for you Dawn. I'm sure you're relieved too! This is going to be a crazy couple of years for you xx
Sara at Belfast Beauty Love

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