Save The Dates: The Worst Kept Wedding Secret Is Revealed

My gorgeous Save the Dates from Paper Themes

So the day has finally come, you guys may have noticed that I've been surprisingly tight lipped in the last few months about the wedding. I've had lovely people on Twitter ask me about it, and I have felt bad because I haven't been able to be candid about it, but today's the day when I can let the cat well and truly out of that bag. Everything has been booked, paid for and all the rest of it. Those of you expecting a winter wedding like I had initially thought may get a surprise.

Here are my wonderful Save the Date(s) cards, which very helpfully encompass my colour scheme, aren't they just the business? I must admit I am absolutely cockahoop about them, the lovely guys at Paper Themes Bespoke Stationery made them for me. I loved how unique and downright retro chic they looked, after all this is us and I'm pretty sure our wedding is going to be more than a little rock and roll

So where are we having it... you know the date but the location?

If I say that this bright light city has set our souls on fire?

Yeah I knew you'd get it!

We are off to Vegas to have our dream luxury wedding in the sun. The home of the rat pack and 1950s glamour, neon and total fabulousness. I am so excited, I loved Vegas when I was there a couple of years ago, it's so vibrant and alive. When we initially hit on the idea it was after another disappointing wedding show where I didn't see much that felt like me. I wanted something fun, something a little bit different.

Of course when I say Las Vegas people automatically think drive through weddings and drunken shindigs but I can assure you, as if I really need to, ours is nothing like that. We are having our big day at the very luxurious Caesar's Palace, once I saw their Venus Garden I knew that that was my venue for the ceremony and I had to have it. Of course because I'm not getting married in Ireland I don't really need to worry about the weather, springtime in Vegas is warm but nothing like the heat of summer so there should be a lovely breeze.

Our wedding venue, Venus Gardens
I was bowled over by it, gorgeous and ornate. The wonderful thing is that Caesar's Palace are doing my flowers, the wonderful Imagine Photography in Las Vegas are going to be doing my entire photography for the day, they are just so talented and I think we will have to get some pictures taken at the Neon Museum, where all the old signs of vintage Vegas are. Now of course I'm a beauty blogger so the hair and make up is seriously important but I think I've got it covered, the wonderful Amelia C who has done the make up of the Kardashians, Nicole Sherzinger and lots of other fabulous folk will be taking care of myself and my bridesmaids, one of whom is gorgeous Claire from French for Cupcake along with my good friend and Maid of Honour Paula. I know they're going to be amazing.

Our theme as if we really need one is vintage glamour, you see the vinyl record makes sense now! Think Vegas, think The Rat Pack, think martinis with a twist and neon nights. 

We've been bowled over with the response from our family and friends. We initially thought people would be hesitant or annoyed at us for going away but in fact before our invitations have even gone out we have twenty guests coming to Vegas with us. We're blown away! Of course we're going to be treating our guests who have flown all the way around the world for us so post ceremony dinner and drinks is going to be at the wonderful Nine Fine Irishmen where we'll be taking over the top floor and balcony for dinner and dancing into the night.

Our wedding reception though will be in Belfast, it will be the venue that all of our family and friends will be coming to for dinner, speeches and essentially all the components of a wedding. Along with some dancing the night away on the dance floor. I didn't know if I would be able to replicate Vegas in Belfast, I wasn't sure if I wanted to but when I looked around the Cabaret Supper Club in Belfast, I knew it was going to be a great fit. It's all plush leather booths, chandeliers and gorgeousness I think it's a very apt choice for our reception and I hope all our guests love it as much as we do! Ceremony in Vegas, reception in Belfast, it's unusual anyway but I just can't wait. No-one can call us conventional !

So that's going to be our wedding days, I can't wait to get all the Save the Dates out and delve into my invitations! I hope it was at least worth the wait for you all and thanks so much to everyone who has congratulated us or shown an interest as that is gorgeous of you!

Before I go...

Much Love and Wedding Bells

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