Suffocated By Stuff: Tips, Packing And Lying Under Boxes

We are in the process of moving! Still! We've been moving since April, yes it is now October, but we're about to get our keys to our first home that we've bought together! Hurrah!

I started and stopped this post repeatedly, I'm updating as we are picking through the contents of our storage locker to decide what's coming with us to our new house and what very much is not. I've added our experiences, and my best tips for what you should do, or perhaps what you shouldn't.

I am a hoarder, I constantly hang on to things because I think I'll use it, I'll fix it up, or it would come in useful for something. The problem is my other half is also a hoarder, he likes to collect things as well so we're never short of piles of things around the house. We have a very large CD, DVD collection and a seriously large drama library, it made me feel tired even thinking about the prospect of packing it up.

Me and Mr Looking Knackered
I decided before we started that I was going to be merciless, if we didn't use it, if I didn't wear it it was being thrown away or taken to the charity shop. So far we have taken thirteen huge black bags filled with clothes, shoes, bags, books, appliances to our local charity shop. Other things that weren't good enough for the charity shops have been thrown away and I have to tell you it has been hugely liberating. So I'm taking the opportunity to send it to charity shops so that it can be reused and hopefully sold to do some good somewhere.

My CD collection was absolutely massive and I decided because I had so much digital music it seemed foolish to keep cds when I never played them. So I decided I was going to sell cds and instead free up the ridiculous amount of space they took up and save myself the annoyance of having to carry all of the boxes back and forth. They went off to Music Magpie, I used their app on my iPhone and barcode scanned my cds, then I got my postage label and I sent them away. Very, very easy. If I thought Himself wouldn't kill me I would get rid of some of our DVDs, we have well over 1000.

From a personal perspective it's started to feel like a weight off, the more I give away the lighter I feel. The more bags I drop at the charity shop the less suffocated I feel. It's like the amount of things we accumulate tie us and weigh us down to a place. I know we put off moving just because we couldn't face packing all of our things, that seems crazy. We've actually inhibited our lives by accumulating so many things! My overall plan is to give away more than we take. When we move we're planning on starting fresh, being able to decorate how we want because we haven't pulled all of our decor from our old house.

I thought I'd put together my tips on moving if anyone wants a bit of help!

Work through your wardrobe quickly, take it piece by piece. In a second ask yourself 'Do I wear this? When did I last wear it?' If it's been a long time take it out. Work on instinct, don't start to qualify your decision with 'Oh but I bought it on holidays, oh the memories.' Stop. You have the memories in your head, take it out. Be merciless, only keep it if it was very expensive. That's allowed.

2. Coping with clutter.
Pick a room grab a bin bag, set the timer for one minute. In that minute fling everything you don't want into the bag, you can sort it for recycling or charity shops later. You have to have at least 30 things that are headed for the door. Setting the timer stops you dwelling and mulling over it, decisions are made on your gut. Do the same thing for each room every week running up to your move and you'll find yourself a lot lighter.

3. Give away more than you take.
New houses are a new start, don't lumber yourself with lots of things you didn't use in your old house. Think of the potential for new design if you have less that will impose itself on your room. Take the essentials though, sofas and beds are a must!

4.Avoid looking at the bigger picture.
Take it room by room or it can be overwhelming. Declutter each room first and then pack.

5.Beg, borrow and steal boxes.
Ask friends, ask local shops, borrow suitcases from chums (have them write their names on the tags for easy returning) then when they're moving give all the boxes back.

6. Be aware of the naughty box.
There is always that one box, you all know the one I mean girls. The one that if your mother was starting to unpack it you would dive over broken glass to stop her. It contains the purchases from Ann Summers that were in your bedside table. You might be thinking 'this gets an entire section?' yes!! If people are helping you, you must mark this box accordingly so no 'helpful people' get an eyeful of your bedroom collection.

7. If all else fails, ask the professionals.
If it all seems too much, get some movers in to do it for you. Oprah says no woman over 40 should help anyone move house, but I say why set an age limit, if it's not for you, get the movers round.

8. Be aware that decluttering can also earn you some money.
I sold my cds that I was decluttering. If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember that you can get a little money for them, it may pay for your storage locker! It did for mine.

So those are my tips for moving, let me know any of yours down below.

Much Love

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