Up All Night: The Hen Dos and The Hen Don'ts

We're still on the wedding theme today folks, mainly because I'm still making wedding decisions seemingly every day, like 'put down the cake, you have to fit into a dress at some point' every day. My fabulous bridesmaids who I'm seeing on Friday, (hello girls) asked me about what I wanted for my hen party. To be honest I hadn't actually thought that far ahead, I was still thinking about the cake I had to pass up earlier. Now that they mentioned it though I realised, I might actually have to give it some thought. There are so many options now I hadn't a clue what the best one would be.

Here is gorgeous Ruth whose Hen I was on in the Summer, she went for a really straightforward party, we had a cocktail class, dinner, drinks and dancing. Fabulous recipe for a good night out. It was all in the one place so no-one had to travel far and wide to get to it.

I was giving my own Hen some proper thought, what kind of thing did I want? There are so many ideas, I think it's pretty much illegal to not want to have my hen party for a whole weekend, or to have it nearby!
Of course the first question has to be 'strippers or no strippers?' I think I fall on the side of no strippers, sorry girls, but just eurgh, no thanks. Unless...and here's the condition, unless you can get Colin Farrell or Gerard Butler, either of them want to come along then by all means, Strip Strip Hooray!

So far here is my list of ideas, firstly I don't want to make my hens go far and wide, sorry those of you who went on extravagant breaks to Barcelona or Prague, it's just not me. I really don't want anyone I've invited having to turn around and say 'oh it's so flippin expensive her hen, I'd go but I just can't afford it.' I want people to be able to come if they want. I'm already getting married in Las Vegas after all there's enough people buying plane seats at the moment!

I'm also not a huge fan of hen party classes, baking, cooking, all the rest of it, keep it simple. We want to have a good time, get some good food and have a blast. I really want some karaoke at my hen party, it's ok fellow hens don't panic, I am enough of a microphone hogger that you will not have to sing. We were recently in Dublin and went to a fabulous Japanese restaurant that had its whole basement converted into karaoke pods and waiter service. I swear it was potentially the most fun I've ever had, after my second Liza Minnelli song from Cabaret (along with hat moves) I felt right at home.

Maybe that's my perfect hen party, good friends, good fun excellent karaoke, staying at one of the Travelodge hotels in Dublin so everyone can hop on a train to get home rather than have to fly anywhere.

I've decided to put together a little list of my own tips as a low maintenance bride (I am you know) for how to have a good hen do that will not make everyone want to kill you!

1.Location, location, location, make it easily accessible, no-one wants the middle of no-where.Equally people don't want to have to be travelling back and forth to a myriad of venues. Simple is best.
2. Keep an eye on the costs. When in wedding mode it's easy to say 'oh it's just £70', because you get used to hearing wedding planners giving you huge numbers. Your guests though may not be quite so thrilled with that bill.
3. Classes for classes sake.Do you really want to do that cookery class? Is it a way of filling the time? Look for other alternatives if you're not 100% sold on an idea.
4. Keep it fun, people want to celebrate with you, let them! Think about putting aside detailed itineraries to do something simple with everyone who wants to wish you well.
5. Everyone loves a bit of a party game, it's a great ice breaker at the start of the night, along with a cocktail. For guests that don't know each other, a game or two may get them chatting.
6. Let people know if there's a theme, consider buying some of the accessories for everyone so they don't have to try and conform to a theme at the last minute. 
7. Have fun, it's a party!

So that is my little list of Hen night tips. Have you planned a Hen Party, been to one, maybe you've had your own recently. What are your tips?

Much Love

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